Essay Example on Yearning to Hear From the Chief Good: Psychology's Search for Meaning

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Date:  2023-02-27

Lucius is well advised in yearning to hear from the chief God above everything else. Settling for this point in the system of psychology means that a person has settled for everything as uncertainty is reduced. In psychology, the uncertainty of the chief Good means a lack of understanding of the principles of conduct (Pap 22). One of the schools in psychology holds that human beings' earliest desire is to have pleasure, and the earliest repulsion is from going through pain. The second school holds that freedom from any form of pain is one of the most welcomed things among human beings, while pain is the most avoided. Six views related to the chief Good, but the leading three views are Aristippus, pleasure, freedom from pain, Hieronymus, and Carneades (Pap 23). There are also six views that are related to the End of Good as well as Evils. Two of these views are without champion while other four are upheld. Also, there is a combination of pleasure and morality, which was adopted by Dinomachus and Callipho. Pleasure has to be ignored because it will come later. Since these schools have different views, it is essential to refute each one of them separately. Every living creature on the earth's surface loves itself. Therefore, from the moment of birth, the residing creature tries to secure its preservation in the best way. The reason for this is because the earliest impulse that has been bestowed on the living creature for its lifelong protection is the instinct for self-preservation as well as to maintain itself in the best condition according to its nature (Pap 22). However, when the living creatures grow old, it begins to identify the degree to which various things affect as well as concern itself. In this case, self-conscious dawns since the creature have started to realize itself.

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From the article, various points have been presented to help in formulating the ideas presented. One of the main points contained in the article is that human beings love freedom compared to pain. Human beings will always welcome freedom every time of their life. In case human beings are faced with any form of difficulty, they will anything that will grant them freedom. On the other hand, humans fear pain so much. Therefore, they will do anything within their ability to either avoid or get rid of the pain. The second major point that has been discussed in the article is that every living creature loves its self. This aspect is true because one a living is born, it will strive for the best preservation that will sustain its life. Furthermore, living things reach a certain age whereby they develop self-consciously, and this helps them to undertake what is better and to what degree. Thirdly, chief of Good is an important aspect that has been presented in the article. In psychology, is it essential for one to understand the Chief Good because it will help to know the principle of concept. Uncertainty about the Chief Good helps to reduce incompleteness in some of the areas. Also, there is the chief Evil, which explains the difference better what is considered good and evil, and these have been explained using various schools. Furthermore, these schools have been explained from various perspectives.

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