Essay Example on Motivating Human Needs: Maslow's Theory

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Date:  2023-04-24


Scientists are usually motivated, just like the other human species due to the need for food, care, protection, and safety by the other species (Maslow,1954). According to the theory of human motivation, the needs of human can be classified into three main categories. The first one is psychological needs which entail self-esteem, love and safety. There is also the physiological need whose components are air, water and food. Lastly, the self-actualization need.

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Maslow's central insight depicted the higher needs as mostly attached to nature than the lower needs. However, most people had without proper understanding, placed the lower and higher requirements at the same level, thus not prioritizing any. But Maslow viewed demands as a continuous sequence, implying that lower needs satisfaction should be considered before an individual's higher mental and character development.

Nonetheless, a crucial point enhanced by the book is that even when basic bodily needs have been met and a state of a virtually full sense of belonging realized. People will still seek self-actualization, as a result of new developing resiliencies and restlessness resulting from new challenges hence new requirements (Maslow,1954).

Differences and Similarities between what I read and what was written about the individual in the Textbook

Basing my argument on Albert Einstein, there are several similarities between Maslow view on him and what I read about him. According to Maslow (1954), Einstein was an objectively self-actualized person since here overcame the barriers and personal setbacks to realize self-actualization. This is in line with what I read. It is documented that from childhood, Einstein encountered several challenges such as Teachers failing to accord him the necessary support during his research, not landing a teaching job immediately after his graduation. Also, not being able to engage in an existing romantic relationship and significant

Dismissal of his theories.

The significant difference of what I have read and Maslow's take on Einstein's achievements is that Maslow describes the struggle and energy used by Einstein in overcoming his challenges and obstacles as having originated from him, thus rendering him self-actualized. Contrary to what I have read, it is believed that Einstein did not purely conceptualize some of his concepts as he built from previously developed knowledge. Moreover, it is documented that two friends, Marcel Grossmann and Michele Besso, assisted Einstein in his research.

How the Author's Viewpoint fit into my Current Understanding of Psychology

The author touches on various aspects of life that can be termed as a modern classic, hence retaining its relevance to the current developing issues. For instance, Maslow's take on the sense of humour fits into my current understanding of psychology. Fun should be designed to generally point out human undoings such as lack of common sense and should not be centred on an individual. Basing, humour on a particular person often appear less amusing and makes the person feel inferior (Maslow,1954).

Nonetheless, The author's perception of humility and respect is that we can learn and conceptualize ideas and beliefs from any given individual around us. Furthermore, Maslow emphasizes that even those considered to be the worst of characters possess redeeming features. This is true according to my current scope on psychology, in the present moral set up, people tend to sideline individuals with behaviours that they believe are negative while associating with those they consider their actions positive.


Maslow, A. H. (1954). Motivation and personality. Harper & Row, Publishers, Inc.

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