Essay Example on Walmart Inc.'s Marketing & Financial Woes: Strategies for Improvement

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Date:  2023-05-08


Following the stock exchange report, Walmart Inc., the company currently has a problem with its marketing and financial performance. Chandra (2017), posited that the anticipation of this company's stock exchange in the market has been high. Still, the contrary has been reflected in the company's outcome as it has failed to meet its expectations (Dyer et al., 2016). Appropriate marketing and financial strategies are crucial in improving this problem that the company is undergoing (Rothaermel, 2016). The following are the proper strategic tools that can be applied to Walmart Inc. Company in analyzing the company's operations to come up with better solutions for the company.

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Financial Analysis

Analyzing the company's financial statement is deemed valuable in determining its business performance (Alexander, 2018). The company's Inventory Turns an Operation Efficiency Measure, which can be useful. Inventory will help the company forecast the possible amount of goods it will sell in a given period and the speed at which the existing stock of products will be sold. And the purchase of the Inventory. Inventory Turns calculated by dividing the Company's Net Sale by the Inventory. Less InventoryTurns predicts degraded stock and vice versa.

PEST Analysis

The PEST analysis examines the external factors that influence the external operation of the company. These factors entail political, economic, sociological, technological factors, among other external factors. The company needs to understand the law, regulations, and policies that govern the environment in which it operates. According to Klok et al. (2019), it is necessary for the company to look into the social status, needs of the customers depending on the lifestyle changes and trends, and the demographic composition in the area as social factors.

VRIO Analysis

Investing the available resources within is one of the opportunities that can be taken advantage of by helping Walmart company in combating the threats to the company and improving its stock. Grocery products such as dairy products, fruits, and frozen foods can be sourced from within the neighboring local farms to cut off some of the expenses such as transportation costs (Hernandez et al., 2020). The workforce should also be highly trained as this will result in more productive output for the company.


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