Essay on Just in Time Inventory Mgmt: Enhancing Efficiencies Through Supplier-Buyer Integration

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Date:  2023-04-07

The learning objective that is being addressed in the article is the implementation of the Just In Time inventory management system through the integration of buyers and suppliers. That is enabled through scheduling of operations among parties to enhance efficiency. In summary, the article is all about the essential points that will improve the implementation of an integrated system. First, there is the use of a lot-splitting model, which will have the effect of enabling multiple shipments in convenient lots, which will be operated based on JIT principles. The use of Quality Deployment Function (QDF) is the other major issue the article is about (Petroni & Bigliardi, 2005). That is whereby the QFD approach is used to improve the quality of operations in handling inventory by enabling the highest measure of efficiency. That is based on five pillars, which are quality control, supplier development, synchronization of delivery, integrated product planning, and supplier development practices. "QFD is a team-based, graphically oriented approach originally developed for concurrent quality improvement of products" (Petroni & Bigliardi, 2005, 1).That means that on the basis of QFD and Just-in-time inventory management, there will be quality improvement through enhanced efficiency. On this basis, a great operating system, based on JIT principles, will be implemented in organizations for better handling of their inventory.

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The article, in this case, does support the case, whereby it is in support of the core principles of JIT in the management of inventory in organizations. To support the implementation, there should be managerial support, a great working environment for employees, the use of technology effectively, training, and the development of employees. That is all consistent with the JIT system, which is meant to enhance efficiency in the inventory-handling process. From the text, it is evident that the efficiency of the flow of inventory is critical in an organization, in addition to system integration. "The JIT purchasing implementation of QFD demonstrates its great flexibility of use and structured/analytical decision making" (Petroni & Bigliardi, 2005, 9).That shows integration based on JIT principles enables efficient scheduling of operations. It enables the efficient flow of process with minimal wastage as orders to buyers are matched with orders placed by buyers. From my previous job and experience, it relates to the article in that there is the goal of minimal wastage of resources through the use of Just-in-Time inventory management, whereby demand and supply of commodities in the organization are matched. On that basis, the objective of efficiency is achieved, similar to what is described in this article.


Petroni, A., & Bigliardi, B. (2005). IMPLEMENTATION OF JIT PURCHASING PRACTICES A QUALITY FUNCTION DEPLOYMENT APPROACH. Production and Inventory Management Journal, 44. Retrieved from: IV1. & Bigliardi, 2005)C%EB%A5%98%EC%86%8C%EC%8B%9D/IMPLEMENTATION%20OF%20JIT%20PURCHASING%20PRACTICES.pdf

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