Essay Example on Student From Kuwait Adapts to East Asian Education: A Historical Context

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Date:  2023-02-23

I have a student who comes from Kuwait, and he is supposed to go and study in East Asia. The student is 25 years of age. Coming from Kuwait makes him able to speak Arabic and English, which are the most used languages in Kuwait in terms of business, regular interaction, and learning. The student is a university student.

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Therefore, situating the student to the historical context of international education is vital. At first, Asia in East Asia is known for having three philosophies in their school. Islam, Confucianism, and Hinduism are the primary three philosophies taught (Isozaki, 2016). These philosophies have interacted over the years until they merged and became uniform. Confucian dominated overtime despite the upcoming of Buddhism in the third century B. C. E. from the eighth-century C.E is when Islam started invading through Buddhism remained unshakable.

It should be noted that Confucius is regarded as the first teacher. He used oral communication in teaching as the primary means. Confucius is also known to impart education through the compiling of the six classics.

The six classics played a vital role in the education system since they were established and used as the primary texts in the school, including the state university (Isozaki, 2016). The classics were a symbol of unity. Many schools were united with the classics despite the employing of different teachers in different schools. While studying, teachers had high expectations of the students. Among the top, most expectations by the teachers were to teach individuals who will hold government positions in the future. With this expectation, therefore, the government established a civil service examination system. This system paved the way for intelligent students regardless of background differences, to enter officialdom.

It should also be remembered that Buddhist transmitted knowledge based on the lineage. This was the practice that was done in many years. Tang scholars were not happy with this element. They found it primitive and denied chances for people to attain knowledge earlier. Therefore, they established a project to combat the practice of Buddhist transmitting philosophy according to lineage. Consequently, they tried to restore Confucian orthodoxy. In the year 950-1279, the projected became huge as there was a rise in Neo-Confucianism (Isozaki, 2016). After then, there was supplying of textbooks, such as Four Textbooks and also the starting of the new school, an academy to enhance on the project and make sure that education prospers in the region. The establishment of academy schools marked a new face in education in the area. At times, the previous schools could accommodate only one teacher who was to teach many students in the village (Bickmore, 2017). Therefore, the introduction o0f the academy schools paved the way for students to access more valuable education, enabling them to proceed to colleges and universities.

Due to the influence of Buddhism and Confucianism, it resulted in an experience of unique blended education. After then, since 18 Centaury, the western type of education was introduced, and from that, the uniformity was obtained (Bickmore, 2017). The conflict that emerged between the three philosophies, including Confucian, Buddhism, and Islam, were combated as people enjoyed primary western education, which was not based much on religion.

Education transformed the lives of many individuals in the region. At first, when we look at the side of women, previously, they were offered a primary type of education. Fundamental kind of training was provided to top the ladies at home to enable them to be good wives and mothers when they get married. The few learned women and poets appeared in every historical period, including Ban Zhao, which is safeguarded for the necessity of education for the women (Bickmore, 2017). The introduction of the academy schools, therefore, allowed many people, including women, to access education.

In the Ming and Qing periods (1644-1911), Neo-Confucianism stood out well as the ideological orthodoxy with the aid of civil service examination, which much helped to identify the intelligent students for government positions (Isozaki, 2016). The system gained popularity until it exceeded the region to Korea and Japan. Later, Neo-Confucianism started facing challenges and critiques. The need to revert to the classical Confucianism arose as Neo-Confucianism was to be fled. In the arguments and the trends, there was an emphasis on practical knowledge and scholarship.

As evidenced and ascertained by the United Nations Education, Science, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), there are educational enrollments for various institutions in East Asia (Bickmore, 2017). This gives the student a chance to take part in enrolling and learning from East Asia. Through the ascertaining by UNESCO, this implies that the education offered in East Asia is of the world-class. On the other side, basing on the Gross Enrolment Ratio, which is used in the region to determine the number of students to be enrolled in the certain bracket of age, the student qualifies to enroll. With the world-class education offered, this offers a chance for the student to be competitive in the job markets worldwide.


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