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Date:  2021-03-02

One of the biggest life-changing experiences that I have faced occurred when I went to Ghana for part of my summer course in 2013. I spent part of my first few weeks exploring the country, observing the many cities and villages. Later on, I started serving as a teaching assistant at both an elementary and middle school along with my classmates. We started teaching them mathematics and English. The experience enabled me to appreciate the significant difference between Ghana and Japans ways of functioning. They have also drastically changed my ways of analyzing and interpreting life situations.

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As an unsophisticated teenager, my views of non-developed nations were shallow compared to my current thinking. While interacting with the people in Ghana, I was keen to observe their ways of living in the city, villages, and schools. It came to my realization that the lack of opportunities and resource is not the reason that Ghana is still underdeveloped. Instead, Ghana is underdeveloped because most of the people lack the skills and the understandings of making clear plans and executions.

My time at Kyoto International University has helped me grow intellectually as a young adult. Attending Kyoto International University and my visits to Ghana are the core reasons I want to pursue my studies in Business Administration hoping to specialize in Marketing. Since I have already taken a variety of introductory business classes, I am confident that this will be perfect timing for the transition to a new school where I can specialize in my field of interest.

As shown in my transcripts, I have been performing exemplary well with my grades being very consistent. I was able to achieve two best department awards for both Business and Science. My dedication and commitment have shown significant impact on my performance. Also, I have been able to perform quite well because of my willingness to interact with teachers and classmates in my studies. My associations with my classmates and teachers have also enhanced my communication skills.

I preferred small to medium size class of students. Unfortunately, the number of students attending this university is very low, and this is the prime reason I want to change the learning institution. Interacting with many people is a fundamental aspect especially in the field of marketing. I have great interests in social networking and creating new friends, and I want to be a part of a larger community where I can socially interact with people from various backgrounds and cultures. I believe my interest in social networking will give me a considerable assistance in a achieving my goals in this course.

Growing up in Perth, Western Australia has helped me as a student to adapt to different environments. In Australia, life was challenging, and I had difficulty getting used to the new life especially with my school life. However, since challenges in such an environment were inevitable, I was able to grow and adapt to different cultures faster than regular Japanese. In the world where everything changes at a rapid rate, being able to adapt and access new things is very significant to succeed. Therefore, as a student willing to accept new challenges, I believe a culturally rich environment can further enhance my learning.

My goal at the University of Southern California is to be able to become a dependable man. I believe I can execute my strategies by working together with colleagues who are as passionate as I am about finding a solution that helps create a win-win relationship to the society. Leadership, teamwork, and discipline are core elements that I believe a person in the business field should have, especially if they want to compete at international level. I would like to make the best out of my remaining university life here at the University of Southern California.

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