Essay Example on Learn a New Language: Unlock New Cultures & Adventures

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Date:  2023-03-12

Learning a new language is very important, more so when a person is planning to travel. Language allows a person to communicate freely with the people of different places. Together with the adventure that a person may have, a language of the place one is visiting may enable him or her to learn and understand other cultures. The text below discusses the importance of learning a different language.

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Learning other languages makes one feel satisfied emotionally. Learning a language will help one to learn the culture, too (Noels 117). Communicating with people of a particular language and engaging them in debates makes an individual realize how pertinent he or she is. Learning a second language gives a person a comprehensive view and a deep understanding of the culture of different people. Notably, culture and language are inseparable. Thus, a person learning the language of certain people will also learn their culture (Noels 120).

For effective communication in different countries that Spanish is an official language; one ought to learn dialects in the Spanish language (Noels 134). Words used to refer to the same thing, like, "Pochoclos" and "Poropo" in Argentina and Peru respectively, will help in geographical consciousness and enriching one's vocabulary in a particular language (Noels 135).

One way of overcoming the language barrier is finding a reliable translation service (Noels 126). Uttering a word in a conversation makes the nerves to send some signals in the brain. The brain automatically interprets the meaning of the word. Understanding the vocabularies reduces the language barrier; thus, a person who knows the differences between dialects spoken in the Spanish language may overcome the language barrier easily.

Because of the absence of some vocabulary, a language may borrow words from its dialect. A dialect may have named a just invented the machine. Learning morphology of words and their etymology will help a person to note the growth and also the evolution of a language. (Noels136).


In conclusion, learning the second language satisfies one's emotions. The second language makes one learn another culture quickly. It is evident from the third paragraph that learning Spanish dialects can enable a person to travel in different states where Spanish is an official language and communicate with the people freely. It is also essential to learn a different language since this will enable one to learn and appreciate the growth and evolution of a language, as discussed in the fifth paragraph.

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