Paper Example on High Impact Practices: Undergraduate Research Experience & Benefits

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Date:  2023-09-15


High impact practices involve various active learning techniques that tend to promote deeper learning of student engagement; hence the practice immerses students' experience outside of their various classrooms. High impact activity generally increases a student's retention capability as well as success.

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Undergraduate research experience is one of the high impact practice activity undertaken by students acquire substantial gains and problem-solving skills hence an impact on overall educational experience that prompt them to undertake graduate studies in the future. Undergraduate research has a greater impact on educational practice towards achieving excellence in the existing liberal education. It thus entails personal and professional advantages. Undergraduate Research experience promotes intellectual skills like inquiry, reading as well as teamwork.

Impact of the undergraduate experience

The undergraduate experience has a greater impact on this course in various ways. The participation of the undergraduate has greatly enhanced critical thinking skills and overall intellectual capability and effectiveness; hence it inculcates a positive thought towards literature. The undergraduate research experience has significantly promoted collaborative and active deeper learning as it improves academic performance and retention in the course (Webster & Gervacio, 2018). It is through the research experience that taxonomy benefits have been derived that have an impact on the course. For instance, I have gained various disciplinary skills, data collection, and analysis techniques, the communication process, as well as information literacy. Professional development is evident as the experience has defined the direction of a career path through a clear understanding of the research activity in the specific course and is through the undergraduate experience that has gained personal development through self-confidence, being independent in any work hence an aim of accomplishing the desired goal.

Research Community

Undergraduate research has a better experience while working with peer mentors and teammates as it significantly improve the research experience through teamwork. Through working as equal partners with a peer mentor who is more experienced in the given research group and accorded the responsibility of giving support, teaching, and helping other fellow members in the given group. Mentors always possess positive experience hence do not require any training and always enjoy the role accorded to them in the peer group (Camacho, Holmes & Wirkus, 2019). A peer mentor is important has the mentor helped me appreciate the impact and significance of the overall research experience. Development of insight has been prompted by the research experience as participation in research creates a new opportunity concerning the study course hence gives an insight into what can work and how to make experiences more effective.


Undergraduate research experience is a high impact practice activity that enriches many students with undergraduate level experience. It tends to broaden and widening inclusive classroom learning, and a student develops a wider range of skills that are very important in personal development. Mentors play a critical role in the undergraduate experience, given that they challenge various students to undertake new challenges by supporting and teaching them on the directions to undertake. Undergraduate research experience has various benefits to the students, and they are linked to the current study course. For instance, it leads to the creation of mentoring relationships, personal development like gaining confidence and having a direction towards career development. Undergraduate research experience enables an individual to become a better student, enhancing the overall course experience.


Camacho, E., Holmes, R., & Wirkus, S. (2019). Transforming the Undergraduate Research Experience through Sustained Mentoring: Creating a Strong Support Network and a Collaborative Learning Environment. New Directions For Higher Education, 2015(171), 63-73. doi: 10.1002/he.20143

Webster, K., & Gervacio, A. (2018). Collaborative Learning: Enhancing the Undergraduate Research Experience. Journal Of Undergraduate Materials Research, 4(0). doi: 10.21061/jumr.v4i0.1557

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