Essay Example on Food Security: Promoting Healthy Lives for All

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Date:  2023-05-23

Food security means that at any time, all the people across the world have got the physical, social, and are economically capable to access the sufficient, safe and nutritious food that is needed by the body for development. The food should be able to meet the preference of the individual that will contribute to a healthy life (Upton et al., 2016). The term is much important because it will help individuals to make a competent decision on the kind of food they take and make sure the food is healthy to human beings all the times, for example, we don't just consume food to get satisfied but also make sure the food is safe for human consumption, the food is sufficient and nutritious.

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Food security has great impacts on human beings and the environment, food security has enhanced economic growth and job creation to individuals. Through food security, more people have got jobs that are self-employed or employed by different organizations that ensure they are a steady supply of food to individuals across different countries (Lal, 2016). Food security has reduced poverty among individual in different countries across the world, most people can work on their farms and produce enough food for their families and sell some, agricultural industries have also employed several people who are helping in the processing of the food which also promotes the development of the economy for different countries.

Food security has improved the health and healthcare of people across the world, through consuming the appropriate food people can improve their health by preventing them from various diseases that might attack them like rickets and anemia in children. Everybody in the community can eat well-balanced diet food and keep the excess for future consumption, food security has provided the opportunity to many countries to improve their agricultural markets and increase food production for their citizens and across the world, through the training that has been offered by the agriculture experts most countries are now able to produce more food to sustain their population without ordering food from other countries.

Food security has enhanced the development and testing of the new food products in the market just to improve the nutritional value in them before they are sold to the final consumers (Lal, 2016). Through the food security programs in most parts of the world most people have been now practicing sustainable agriculture that helps in conserving the environment by limiting the pollution that is caused by agricultural activities, these include methods like the mulching that will help preserve the moisture of the soil.

Women are much responsible for what we consume at home compared to men, to promote environmental sustainability then it good to empower our women. Give the women the needed training and access to their land for them to practice agriculture that will help sustain our environment. Women play a big role in food security issues but still, they do not have the needed training and access the land and through empowering them and giving them all that they need then they will practice environmental sustainability in their agricultural farms.

Encouraging and promoting agricultural micro-business that will help in the production of fruits and vegetables in the greenhouses limiting the pollution of the environment, supporting different industries that are practicing agricultural micro business. The industries produce food and in a friendly way to the environment that ensures that no pollution is done to the environment.


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