Essay on Personal Learning Style

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Date:  2021-06-28

Each student prefers a particular style of getting, utilizing, and thinking about some knowledge. Learning styles can be classified as read/write, visual, tactile and auditory. The choice of style depends entirely on the students preference and is chosen due to its facilitation of content retention. Also, multiple intelligences inform ones learning styles and preferences. These include logical-mathematical intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence, and naturalist intelligence. Importantly, the fact that one chooses to implement a particular fashion need not imply that they are unable to learn using other methods. As such, a discussion on selected retention strategies ensues.

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In the verbal learning style, the student prefers listening to information. It could be that one understands better when they listen to the lecturer as they explain concepts; alternatively, learners want to be read to so that they can listen and learn. Also, these individuals participate in group discussions where they actively hear their colleagues as they offer explanations. The kinesthetic student, on the other hand, is a very solid student. People who prefer this style of learning enjoy doing laboratory experiments where they assemble items or perform chemical reactions. They learn from three-dimensional simulations from which they can never forget an idea.

I derive pleasure from studying in my spare time. Understandably, this time is limited, and I, therefore, need to grasp a large chunk of information as soon as I read it without necessarily going over it again and again. I am therefore interested in the read/write and visual learning styles. Accordingly, the read/write method applies to those that prefer written information over listening to a teacher during lectures. I will read whatever information that is presented in any written material such that I will accurately remember a books content from page to page. I will use flashcards to summarize important points and these will significantly improve my memorization ability. The visual learning style utilizes diagrammatically and pictorially represented information. Here, the student quickly remembers concepts by conjuring up images as they were presented in class. The use of models is specifically appealing because they are difficult to forget. I will greatly use this style of learning such that I will simplify information in flow charts and diagrams for easy retention and remembrance.

It is unlikely that my learning fashion will be pegged on the type of material that I am reading because it will be disorienting. I am unable to master all that is said by a lecturer during class as the auditory learning style dictates. Also, since my spare time is limited, it is not practically possible to make three-dimensional models to boost my retention ability as is the case in kinesthetic learning style. I will, therefore, stick to both read/write and visual learning styles for all types of materials that require reading. However, I intend to improve my preparedness for a class so that I may take good notes that will further enhance my read/write learning abilities. Mainly, I plan that the instructors goals for each course be in tandem with my personal, academic goals. In this way, I will better relate and appreciate the syllabus vitality.

All in all, multiple intelligences, which do not act in isolation, inform ones choice to embrace a particular learning style. Notably, none of the styles is superior to the other, and it is possible to shift from, for instance, visual to tactile learning fashion. Also, note taking is an important skill in the learning process since it complements all of the different learning styles. A student needs to be adequately prepared and organized for efficient note taking. I relate with read/write and visual learning styles since I will better understand and retain information when I utilize these fashions.

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