Essay Example on Celebrating Graduation: Achieving Dreams Despite High Competition

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Date:  2023-05-08


Graduating from school is one of the greatest achievements for an individual in life, considering the struggles and challenges that we undergo to make a dream come true. The main intention of joining the school is to acquire knowledge and skills that will enable one to be able to secure an employment opportunity that matches their career. However, at times it might not be easy getting a good job in the market because of the high competition that is as a result of the high number of graduates in the region. Therefore, the concept of searching for a job arises where an individual need to understand some of the activities and initiative that they need to perform when looking for one.

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Preparation of a Resume

To find a job, one must prepare a curriculum vitae. This is a small sheet of paper that contains brief information about the person. This may entail personal information, education background, work experience, hobbies, and a list of referees. The information will provide the employer with a glimpse of who you are and thus, may consider one for an interview. Therefore, the resume need to be well presented and the candidate should express himself in the right way that will impress the potential employer.

Identification of Potential Employers and Organisations in the Market

It is essential to identify the line of the profession that one wishes to join when searching for a job. This implies that we have pursued different careers, and thus, we have acquired different skills that distinguish the preferences of jobs. In this case, one is expected to consider some of the careers that best suit their work experience and educational background. What follows is making a various application to the identified employers who will later look at one's credentials and consider them for an interview.

Presentation during Interviews

There are some competencies that the employer will focus on when selecting some of the suitable candidates for the positions. First, academic qualification is one of the key competency that will be considered when making the selection. Candidates that will have achieved higher academic credentials in the health industry will be considered as opposed to those that lack sufficient qualifications. Therefore, we will set a certain academic threshold that we will be looking for the applicants.

Work Experience

Secondly, the experience is another competency that will be considered; this entails the number of years that the applicant has been in the industry. The experience in the industry affects the manner in which services are delivered in the industry. For example, it is easier for a candidate with a higher experience to perform well in a job position compared to applicants that have minimal experience in the market. Also, skills are important because they aid in undertaking the various tasks that the organisation designates. Computer skills are essential and will be looked upon when selecting candidates for this position.

Interview Questions

The questions that applicants are asked during the interviews are meant to help the panel to make a good choice for the right candidate. In most cases, the questions try to identify the capability of the applicant and thus, tell more about his future performance in the company. Some questions are meant to test the creativity of the individual given the job.

Most employers require employees that offer a solution to the problems that they are facing in the market. The following are some of the questions that applicants will be asked. In brief, the above is an outline of the essential aspects that one needs to put into consideration when looking for a job.

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