ESL 273 Reflective Essay

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Date:  2022-06-20


Writing is a skill that involves effective communication by expressing the view of something to others. The use of basic writing skills such as choosing the correct word choice, punctuation and proper grammar to express ideas skilfully is critical to be a good writer (Hesse and Doug, 2016). The ESL273 class is a platform for learning necessary writing skills. During the past two months, I have made familiar using various writing styles through the writing of several papers that have significantly improved my writing skills. To develop my writing proficiency, I have to upgrade to a higher writing class level to gain more insights and experience. Although it is hard for me to achieve one hundred percent perfection in the writing process, I am sure I have applied a lot of writing skills in class. In ESL5, I can get better writing exercises, and I presume I have met the prerequisites for the next level because ESL273 has dramatically helped my basic writing skills in logical division essay, compare and contrast essay and cause and effect essay.

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The most significant improvement I have made in ESL 273 is the logical division essay. The logical division is essentially, it involves dividing the ideas intended to be included in an essay into points and discuss each end separately. This ensures that each concept is vastly covered and all aspects are included in the particular paper while maintaining the standard format of the essay. However, coherence between paragraphs is essential to the flow of ideas in an essay to avoid many jumps so that the reader can easily connect ideas from one sentence to another. The most significant encounter for me is how to iterate the key points clearly and maintain consistency in the essay. I have practiced the skill of using nouns, pronouns and most importantly using transitional signals to improve coherence and connection of ideas between paragraphs. This has greatly assisted me in organizing ideas in the essay in a logical order through the division of opinions. Therefore, maintaining a consistent flow of ideas in an essay is an essential skill in writing that increases the level of understanding of the thoughts expressed by a writer.

Additionally, I grasped the skill to write a compare and contrast essay effectively. Arguments of comparisons and analogies, in essence, characterize a compare and contrast essay. In my first essay during the quarter, the correlation between "online class and traditional university" my teacher commented, "Your paper is clear and well founded on the topics provided. However, you need to improve your paraphrasing skill to construct sensible the sentence structures." I worked hard and the communication with classmates through group work, reading other students and authors writing assisted me to improve my sentence construction skills and grammar too. I have learned about the different factors considered before starting a compare and contrast essay. To be more specific, I have learned that getting the precise background information about the topics, audience, and purpose makes essay writing simple. However, I still need to put more effort into my academic writing, particularly in sentence structure and grammar since English is my second language.

Cause and effect essay is a standard technique of bringing together and discussing ideas. I have learned how to formulate questions and to use supporting evidence to write well-organized paragraphs, which help me bring together the vital information. In my paper "Effects of pollution," my English teacher commented in the essay "You know the basic idea of using resources to react to a topic. Your paper is well grounded on the topic provided, well organized and appropriately established." Sufficiently researching on a topic provided and proper organization is my strengths in writing and I am confident that these skills will help me effectively move to the next level. Besides, I learned the importance of transitional words in writing a cause and effect essay and joining my ideas, sentences, and paragraphs to affect the flow of ideas regarding the cause of something and the consequent effect. Hence, I try to use a variety of transitional words and phrases in my essay to make it more coherent and cohesive to evade making disconnected sentences. I used transitional words like consequently, also, moreover to create a flow of thoughts in the essay, which improved the quality of my essays considering the comments of the teacher. However, I still need to put more effort into selecting the appropriate words concerning the topic provided. As I develop my writing skills, I also need to focus on using the facts and statistics regarding the direct causes and effects and not dwelling much on the indirect effects (Skinder and Bhat, 2014).


Generally, I have learned vital writing skills in the past two months in ESL 273 class regarding the organization and development of logical division essay, compare and contrast essay and cause and effect essay. I also have established my weaknesses in writing such as sentence structure that will motivate me to do much better. Nonetheless, I believe I have qualified for the next level with the skills acquired in this class and am ready to learn new ideas that will empower me towards being a successful and proficient writer.

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