Sharpening Writing Skills: A Course for Success - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-17


The course has been effective in sharpening and improving general writing skills. It has acted as a pillar in catapulting me to achieve my goals and objectives with ease. Critical thinking assists in comprehending the topic and grasping some of the important academic aspects.

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The course has facilitated me to improve the ability to read, make a comparison, draft out some of the differences that may exist, and ultimately be in a position to engage texts pertaining to complex subject matters. "The topic is all about the terminology of a hot-cold triangle as well as charting a new model characterized by the utilization of the model of embodies self-regulation. Most of the choices made by the consumers about the state of the body, as well as the cognitive information, may literally translate to significant choices with the minimum application of different self-regulatory resources present. A change in the consumption environment can be important in order to promote a healthy lifestyle. It can be attained by the downsizing of packages, reduction of visibility as well as convenience, and having small dinnerware. In contrast, the topic is demystifying that bodily tastes are aimed at self-regulation processes purposely for the promotion of healthy ingestion patterns over a long period. Each time a suggestion of bodily states incorporated with consumption is raised, specific states attached to the unhealthy consumptions will take part in the decision making, which paves the way to the application of fewer self-regulatory resources. The embodied reflation theory expounds on how the states of the body lead to self-regulation ((Petit, Olivia, et al. .608-619). At the same time, the application in the quest of promoting healthy behavioral practices." literally, the topic attempts at comparing the idea of the hot-cold triangle at the same time the model of self-regulation with how the states of the body at self-regulation towards the achievement of healthy consumption patterns.

The topic has also contributed immensely to assisting me in planning, make some arguments, analyze some important aspects, and develop some viable proposals. It generally assists in proposing on adopting the right approach towards the attainment of a goal. "The paper defines discussing how the campaigns on embodied healthy food communication can basically assist consumers with ways of changing health habits. It involves procedures, which can be taken in altering the behaviors of consumers geared toward changing their general habits of health (Kringelbach, Morten, 20). The campaigns for healthy consumption habits are linked with the theory of embodied cognition within some consumers. The bodily states are on the vital elements belonging to self-regulation. Communication should be channeled together with strategies that would rather promote sensory-motor idea in the advertisement of healthy foods, which ultimately promotes the aspect of self-regulation among the people."


Conclusively, critical thinking skills are important in academic life since it is the development of writing skills and presentation skills. It facilitates in enhancing both language and the presentation skills in academic life. In addition, it assists in boosting creativity helpful in finding solutions for the benefit of the public. It is, therefore, vital to consider the underlying factors while trying to find certain solutions. In academics, it is important to comprehend some of the puzzling circumstances by addressing them appropriately.

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