Equal Access to Education: Ensuring Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students Have a Better Tomorrow

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Date:  2023-01-25

Education is the key to a better tomorrow. The children who have a disability are also entitled to a better tomorrow by having the right to proper education. Children with a disability of hearing are guarded by laws that ensure they get access to a good education. There is a difference between the laws and regulations of the federal government and the state laws. Each federal government has regulations that are intended to ensure that the deaf and the deaf gets special education that prepares them for future employment and proper living(Depository, 2018). The federal laws serve as a protection of the rights of both parents and their children who are hard of hearing. The major difference between the federal regulations and the state law is that they are designed to be a watchdog at the lower level. The federal laws help the state, localities and the educational agents carry out their agendas. They follow up to ensure effectiveness in the efforts to offer a quality special education.

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The State and the federal regulation and laws are almost similar except for the roles that they perform. The state laws are more comprehensive on the education service provider to the deaf and are the terms are deeper in terms of provision of resources that might be needed. The state laws give directions on the research on the emerging issues that are helpful in the area of education to the deaf and also the other children that might have various frailties.

While Federations, indigenous scholastic agencies, and academic facility agencies are principally liable for so long as, an schooling for all progenies with incapacities, it is in the nationwide concern that the National Government have a backup character in supporting Municipal and local struggles to school kids with incapacities in order to advance outcomes for such progenies and to certify identical fortification of the decree. The state regulations give directives of how the federal states should assist in handling arguments that come out from schools and parents in a constructive way. The state law is more focused o providing details on helping the minority deaf children and making them feel on the same level as the students from advantaged backgrounds.

Available resources for the education of the deaf

There are several resources that facilitate the education of the deaf. These resources are available for all caregivers in the sector.

The resources available for the educators include the manipulative visual languages. This is a technique that helps the deaf visualize sounds they cannot hear. The article on this technique is available online. The Clerc center catalog is another source with books and articles that offers training to educators of the deaf. The deaf as individuals are provided a literary resource, they can engage in. The literary program by the Institute for Disabilities and Research and Training gives software that has books and memory games.

The parents are offered several books that can help them get closer to their children during communication an example is a book authored by Ph.D. Schwartz and is entitled "Choices in Deafness "The book is a collection of successful parenting of children who were born deaf. This covers their education and communication that resulted in achievements of the state goal of molding a person who can be useful in the society whether with any disability or not.


Depository, C. S. I. (2018). Rules and Regulations Federal Register. Hand, 600, 20219.

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