Paper Sample on Uber Surge Pricing: Fair or Unfair?

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Date:  2023-11-19

1. Do you agree or disagree with Uber's surge pricing policy? What are the reasons it can be perceived as unfair? What does it mean to say that pricing policy is exploitative? What are the risks of the policy to Uber? Given these risks, should Uber modify its policy? Be prepared to defend your answer.

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The surge pricing policy of Uber sounds a bit awkward, and for that reason, I'm afraid I have to disagree with its strategy. The system could be perceived unfairly for several reasons like what determines terrible weather or rush hour that the company used to introduce the pricing policy. Some of the main reasons why the pricing policy of uber could be perceived as unfair are services for special occasions, rush hours, and bad weather. The company offered its services based on the distance and time of the trip, and there was no need to make a surge pricing policy to increase its income. Even if it was the rushing hour, the distance could remain the same, and change may be felt of time covered. So, there was no need to create a new pricing policy. The main reason behind the pricing policy by Uber appears unfair because it is centrally to making profits.

The pricing policy of Uber may mean it is exploitative because it seeks to make an additional profit in rush hour deals. Apart from that, the company did not explain what defined a rushing hour to explain or demonstrate that it was not exploitative. It is also considered exploitative because the policy of a pricing surge does not find the distance covered by the car and time taken because they are the determinant of price. There are numerous risks of the policy that Uber introduced to its service. Some of the main dangers are that the system makes the company less competitive, is likely to lose customers, and functions like special occasions may not earn the company profit. Given these risks, the uber company should prepare to modify its policy because it a competitional-based system. The modification of the policy may increase the likeliness of additional profits to the company as customers may perceive a betterment of services on Uber's side.

2. Uber is notoriously aggressive in its business tactics. It frequently operates without getting regulatory approval, and it often ignores legal concerns; as a consequence, the company has become a lightning rod of criticism. Do you agree with Uber's aggressive tactics? Is there a more diplomatic way for Uber to conduct its business? Should Uber be taking more of a "tiptoe" approach when it enters new markets?

Uber has appeared aggressive in its business tactics, which seems to make a profit only. I disagree with Uber's aggressive business tactics because of numerous reasons for not following a legal approach that defines its service. The company management knows well that the business could no run without a license. The change of Uber name to avoid or dodge one warning given to it was an aggressive tactic. For those reasons, I do not agree with Uber's aggressive tactics as they do not follow laid legal protocols that define the business's service. Of course, there are numerous more diplomatic ways that the company could use to conduct its business. One of the subtle ways Uber could have introduced is defining its business with the help of legal officers or those associated with the service for taxis to complete its tactics (Seidl, 2020). Another diplomatic way for Uber to conduct its tactics is by following the set rules that may govern service the company offers because that way defines a proper way of doing business. No, Uber should not continue to be taking more tiptoe when it enters a new market because of negative impacts that may cost the company as much as services are concerned. The approach to criticism may continue, which may affect the company's reputation as reputation is an important part that defines or determine a business's improvements. So, to avoid these dangers that may affect the company's reputation, it should not, therefore, take or enter new makes while taking more of a tiptoe.

3. Uber has become enormously popular among consumers in a very short period of time. How has the company accomplished this?

Different ways have made Uber become a famous company in a short period. It would be crucial to mention some of the main reasons that have led to the company's enormous growth in a short period that it has been in service. These reasons are the company's reliability, convenience, and the ability to connect passengers and drivers. In the context of security, numerous features that were installed in the Uber's app is the central point that contributed to the rapid growth that was felt. Those features, such as GPS, could make it possible for drivers to locate customers and find a price location where the customer stood. It was an essential feature that increased the company's reliability because of the secure service that clients experienced (Seidl, 2020). Apart from the positive side that Uber recorded, which influenced its growth, the constant battle that the organization or company had with the government made it even more popular. Those battles made the company reach on media, and the more this happened, the more people knew about Uber. So, the government's constant struggle was one of the positive approaches that the company grew through. It is crucial to say that the legal system positively impacted the company because it was a new organization, and any slight change that would bring it to the public figure would make it more accessible. In the case of convenience, Uber took passengers or completed the client's requests without struggles. It is a crucial path that facilitated the growth of the company as services were delivered without hindrances.

4. How well does Uber treat its drivers? From a driver's standpoint, is it better to drive for Uber, or is it better to drive for a taxi/limo service? Is it economically more attractive to drive for Uber? What would you imagine are the biggest complaints drivers have about driving for Uber? What would you imagine are the most appreciated benefits? What is the profile of a typical Uber driver, and how does it compare to the profile of the typical taxi or limo driver?

There are several ways that Uber well treats its drivers. Apart from the better treatment, there are also other negative ways that the company treats its drivers. It would be crucial to mention how Uber treats its drivers to adequately understand the operation behind the company, which is Uber. The company served its drivers well based on payment because it was no delayed. Since the payment was made on time, drivers could manage their activities swiftly. Several offers the company offer to driver mark another thing that demonstrates how Uber treated its drivers (Seidl, 2020). It would be essential to mention those offers to precisely identify how drivers of the Uber company were treated relatively or well as much as the company's services are considered. The offer of iPhones that some of the drivers got from the company explains how Uber treated its drivers. Since payment and type of services in Uber companies vary with the kind of car, it would be better to drive a taxi/limo service. It is much better because a person's payment increases as the type of care determines drivers' payments. It is not easy to tell if a person or individual I would like to drive for Uber because the decision depends on other options available.

It is not economically attractive to derive for Uber as it fails to provide basic allowances to drivers who work for the company. The financially satisfying position meets the need for employee allowances, which is the backbone of an economically attractive job position. Based on personal experience or imagination, drivers are likely to complain about subsidies, which is something essential for any employer working in any organization or company. It is necessary to note some of these allowances to fully understand what drivers might be complaining to get in the organization as much as crucial factors are considered. Some of these complaints are about house and security allowance. Least appreciated benefits are those offers that Uber companies provide drivers with to complete their tasks. An offer by the type of car drivers would want to drive is another offer that they are least expected. The profile of a typical uber driver is defined by less payment, minimal allowances, and generally unpleasant services by the company, making it easier to differentiate the profile of a typical limo driver. Compared to limo profile, limo driver has many offers like special occasion services and plenty of suggestions that make it different from an average Uber driver.

5. How robust is Uber’s operating model? What are the weak links in its service model? Is Uber vulnerable? In what way?

Uber's operating model has been by far a robust model that covers a full area of nosiness. It would be crucial to mention several factors that determine a robust model to describe how the brand model has performed adequately. The model has been robust by introducing several other effective services like picking up customers using an app. The approach brought a competitive strategy that people adopted quickly, which is something that made Uber's model robust. Another thing that made Uber's mode healthy is that it does not use its car but serves as a referral dispatch. Even though the company used or provided dispatched referrals, it remains robust of other vehicles, which made it strong.

Apart from other series of things that made the company robust, there are other links in its services. It would be crucial to mention these links to examine it effectively. Some of the weak central links are drivers who did not receive health benefits, retirement, disability, vacation leave, and unemployment compensation. The payment that only came from the business they generated was one of the weakest links because Uber's servants had only one source of income. Since they had only one source of income, it was the weakest link for Uber company because drivers could easily be demoralized. Uber is vulnerable, I would say, because of the numerous services that the company fails to provide to its drivers or employees. The failed provision of services makes the company vulnerable.

6. In its relatively short lifespan, Uber has attracted a lot of media attention. Why is this? What is it about the Uber business model that is both compelling and polarizing? In addition, why has Uber managed to achieve such a high valuation? What are the pros and cons of a high valuation?

There are different reasons why Uber has attracted media attention. The pricing policy is one of the ideas or factors that have made Uber attract media attention. The system sounds exploitative or aggressive because the management appears like it only wants to make a profit. Apart from that, Uber failed to provide allowances like house allowance and vacation leave. Since it is such a big company, it would attract media attention because of the payment approach that the company used or employed. The model is both compelling and polarizing because it offers services that cover two sides. One of the sides favors customers, and the one does not support drivers. It is the reason that makes the business model both compelling and polarizing. In the context of valuation, the Uber app or services were convenient and reliable. Since people or customers found Uber's service honest, the company achieved such a high valuation. One of the advantages of a high estimate is the possibility of making more profits, and the cons are the chance that the company may lose customers.

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