Electronic Devices Hinder the Creative Development of Students Essay Example

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Date:  2022-11-06

In the rise of technology in the modern world, electronic devices have become a common phenomenon in the classroom. As this has increased the amount and ease of access to information and academic materials, it has negatively influenced the process of learning. Students have increasingly lost their creativity in the development of their studies. What used to be a vigorous search of information in the library is now accessible within minutes with a simple search in the computer or any other data-enabled electronic device. Additionally, there has been an emergence of software that can correct spelling and grammatical errors thereby reducing the precision of and sharpness of writing assignments and other academic papers. There are also the copy and paste features that enable students to be unoriginal in their research.

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With the emergence of electronic devices, students can hardly perform simple tasks such as writing a letter since they usually utilize text messages or email functions. Such methods are incorporated with simple processes that have abolished the creativity that was initially used in writing compelling letters with strict formats that had to be followed. The electronic devices have also hindered the memory aspects of students since in the modern life of students they use gadgets to perform tasks such as note making, remembering information, and passwords as well as completing assignments. The use of technology has hindered the ability of students to retain information since they utilize computers, mobile phones and calculators to perform tasks that were initially comprehended.

Solving mathematical problems was initially done by manual calculations that utilized a lot of memory and formulations. Today, calculators and computers can save formula and calculate to solve mathematical problems. Students rarely use pen and paper to resolve simple issues since the gadgets can compute everything for them to provide answers in a more straightforward way that has hindered the level of creativity among the learners.

Before the evolvement of electronic devices, subjects that utilized a high level of creativity such as arts have been made overly simple. Students of fine arts now draw less. Music composers use computers to enhance the sounds. The process of producing music was also very engaging where instruments got played to make high-quality music. Today, with the utilization of computers, such operations have been made so simple than they used to be. The process of music production has been simplified where programmed equipment produces even better quality sounds. Although these methods save time and energy, they have greatly hindered the process of creativity among the learners.

The coming of electronic devices such as tablets and mobile phones has taken the social platform by mass. Students engage most of their free time interacting in social media and other leisure platforms such as gaming. These new activities have hindered the traditional ways of participating in activities that allowed interaction with other people as well as with nature. The conventional operations such as outdoor adventures enabled human interactions as well as environment perception. Such communications improved the cognition levels as well as the development of natural ways to handle real-life issues. With the emergence of electronic devices, such activities are only engaged by few students that hinder their creativity.


In conclusion, besides the electronic devices simplifying the life of students they have resulted in a generation that can hardly handle brain-challenging activities. Calculations, arts, memory functions, and other highly reasoning ventures have been impaired. Such aspects have resulted in an argument that electronic devices have indeed hindered the development of creativity among students.

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