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Date:  2022-08-15


Numerous studies conducted have revealed that single-family students appeared to progress positively in their University studies. There are several reasons as to why they seem to benefit less in terms of education. Through the life they face, it has often be considered as an effective approach towards motivating them to be better at all that they do regardless of their situation. The purpose of the below essay is to clearly understand why single-family students perform poorly, the paper is going to list out some reasons as to why they are affected. This paper clearly examines on issues which affect single-family students resulting in a decrease or poor performance in the university level.

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Synthesis and critique of research

John Bowlby's attachment theory has been in the front line despite its relevance to the lives of single-family students. In accordance with Coleman (2013), John Bowlby's theory stated that a healthy relationship between the parents and children often leads to a better understanding and worth. This affects the way the children tackle their daily activities in that their cognitive skills and emotional development tend to affect them in the later years of their university education (Yarber & Sharp, 2010). Skinner's theory of operant conditioning also tends to point out the different ways students get affected as a result of single-family parenting. This theory points out the habit of replicating habits that cause positive impacts.

Skinner's theory implies to the single-family parents' ability to be independent. In situations where a single-parent is not self-reliant, the student might encounter fewer days in school. Due to a higher rate of absenteeism, a student might miss important classes and lessons. Another theory that emphasizes on a single-parent student is Erick Erikson's concept of cognitive and psychosocial development (Atwood & Genovese, 2014). Erick Erickson's theory implies to single family students in that it point out on facts such as desire, trust, and accomplishments which enable a student to perceiver willingly in all the activities. The theory also advocates for the importance of relationships among friends and their link to school performance (Atwood & Genovese, 2014).

In Coleman's (2013) article, different variables have been discussed regarding single-family students. It was found that a majority of the students were affected by the way their parents carried on with their daily lives. As a result of past family experiences, single-family students have been studied to perform lower in the university studies (Coleman, 2013). This occurs due to the fact that the children happen to have low motivation. Also, they get to miss a lot of classroom lessons because of lack of capital from the single-parent. In terms of friendship relationships, the students were considered to have a difficult time making new friends. As such single-parent students often have the feelings of anger and low-esteem (Coleman, 2013).

In a psychological point of view, the single-parent students may feel anxious each and every time. In accordance with various studies, anxiety has been viewed as a major cause of depression which fortunately leads to mental problems (Yarber & Sharp, 2010). After having mental problems, it is obvious that an individual cannot concentrate on studies accordingly. In some occurrences, students were considered to have a higher rate of anger as compared to the nuclear-parents. In accordance with Muldoon, Fortune & Kinsella (2016), 67 percent of the single parent students were viewed as having psychological problems. The psychological problems depended on the parent's parenting skill (Muldoon, Fortune & Kinsella, 2016).

In the last part of the paper, there will be various discussions regarding the hypothesis. First, the paper will emphasize on issues faced by single parent students through which result in poor performance. The four variables which are academic performance, psychology, well-being, and relationships will all be highlighted in relation to the students' poor performance. After that, the single-parent student's reasons for good performance will also be discussed. The four variables will be discussed thus pointing out on facts regarding the good performance. Apart from the four variables, there will be more orders to be discussed as from which one can derive problems related to the single-parent students. Lastly, the paper will also emphasize different family structures and their contributions towards life.

Moreover, the types of family structures will be discussed through which the reader will familiarize with different instances which affect students. The roles of life and the instances through which the students get to experience on a daily basis. By discussing on this matters, it will be clear how the students can overcome hardships especially if they were raised by a single parent. The main objective for the research is single-parenting though it would not be limited in discussing basically matters concerning nuclear-parent students. Through the discussion, an individual might be well versed with the main differences between the two types of parenting and how they affect a students' growth educational wise.

There have been quite a number of limitations and flaws pertaining to the topic of the literature. For such a given topic, it is often wide hence requires a lot of concentration. There were four variables discussed through which were not enough in pointing out facts about single-parent students. However, the article was limited to only single-parent students. Thus, there was only one side of the story being discussed. If the discussion had no limitations, it would be very precise and clear after discussing on the nuclear-family students. Comparisons in the different variables would be easier in terms of distinguishing facts.

In regards to the topic, there are also some limitations which were left out. Apart from discussing on the matters affecting university students, it would be necessary also highlighting on the facts concerning them from the tender ages. There are various research methods which can be used in the task. Each type of research method has a different role and way it should be used. In a personal point of view, the descriptive method. Even though the descriptive method does not emphasize the questions why, what or how, it an accurate way of research. Research is undertaken by mode of observation and studying individual and group behaviors.


In conclusion, the hypothesis of the research has been discussed in different variations. The purpose of the research was to emphasize the performance of single-parent students both positively and negatively. In the research, there have been variables which have been discussed to show how single-parent students are affected in schools thus experiencing poor performance. There are certain things which were partially discussed including nuclear-parenting and its role in the students' performance. The research highlights why some single-parents students perform better and others poorly in their university education.


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