Statement of Purpose for the University of Minnesota

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Date:  2022-11-21


I am applying to be considered for as a postgraduate student at The University of Minnesota. I am now at a point in my professional career in public health that I feel I will exhaust all the avenues of promotion and challenge with my current level of education. At this point, I feel the need to immerse myself in a rich academic program to bring my personal and professional goals to succeed. It is for this reason that I feel the urge to further my studies in public health and specifically focus on Epidemiology. I have a medical doctor degree from Cuba where I specialized in internal medicine and I have practiced it in Cuba and Haiti as a medical doctor. Throughout my work as a medical doctor, I have felt the urge to further it and focus more on research in medicine.

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The University of Minnesota is among the leading universities that offer comprehensive post-graduate studies in medicine and my interest in public health fits the bill and I believe at Minnesota I can achieve all my research goals. Minnesota University prides itself with the best focus on student success and this is why am eager to be part of the graduate school in the university. The School of Health Sciences at Minnesota University will equip me with the required skills to be able to carry out quality and relevant research in the field of Public health especially the contemporary issues in the field.

Post-graduating in Public health will give me the opportunity to contribute to the war against lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes and many others that are at an epidemic level. My main objective of majoring in Epidemiology is to contribute to finding viable solutions that will help the community in dealing with the issues in Public health. I would like to get my solutions published so that they can help all over the world not just in my home country. My interest in contributing to research in Public Health especially in Epidemiology is as a result of a personal interest that arose as a result of seeing how people in my community were struggling with health issues. Growing up in Cuba, I have been able to see firsthand what ineffective public health can do the people.

My community has always supported me in my journey of pursuing my dream. I will use my post-graduate degree to bring changes to the community. The interest I have in Epidemiology stems directly from my work as a medical doctor both in Cuba and Haiti. In my work, I have been able to interact with focused people who are determined to enhance research in Public Health. I have had the privilege of interacting with experts in the field and they have encouraged me to further my studies in Epidemiology so as to contribute to the field. My experience in the medical field makes me a suitable candidate to undertake a postgraduate degree in the university.


I believe my choice for Minnesota University is the best because the university offers exemplary research guidelines which will help me greatly in doing my research. Since the time I was doing my undergraduate, I have always wanted to join Minnesota University and this is a very good opportunity to fulfill my dream and become part of a very good university. I promise to help the department in achieving its objectives in research; I will work with the department to make sure that I produce quality research that will put it in a good position globally.

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