Effective Teaching Environment Essay

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Date:  2022-03-29

An effective school is one where both the teacher and students feel comfortable and properly engaged. An effective school should have its core ideals. It should uphold its values and standards so that both the teachers and students know what is expected of them. I also think an effective school should have the proper ambiance to back it. The ambiance of a school can affect learning. For example, I believe all elementary schools should have different writings on the walls. The writings keep the students engaged and help in their learning process. The way a school is physically set up is also important to me. An effective set up is one which teachers can easily move from place to place. Classrooms should be easily accessible, and the arrangement of desks should reflect the school's core ideals. Schools should create a communal atmosphere. This helps to instill good values in the students. The communal aspect can be reflected in the way the desks are set up. For instance, I would prefer desks that are arranged in a circle or group. An effective school for me should be multicultural and diverse.

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A multicultural environment promotes relativity where a teacher's role is diverse. I believe an effective teacher should not only impart knowledge to students. He or she should allow himself or herself to also learn from the students. Teachers have a chance to learn a lot from a multicultural environment. I believe a supportive administration is essential in creating the proper learning environment. My ideal school is one which the administration provides the teachers with effective and innovative teaching tools. The school administration should also create a system that allows easy flow of information from teachers to students. The teachers should be encouraged to build relationships with the students to understand them and offer them the help they need properly. When looking for a good school to practice my teaching, I would highly consider one which has appropriate mentoring programs for teachers. I believe new teachers need to be consistently paired with good master instructors so that they can learn more from them.

Mentorship programs help teachers to acquire new and more effective ways of teaching and also instills more confidence in their abilities. Effective schools are those which utilize a variety of learning models. Different types of content require different methods of dissemination. Learners also have different learning or retention abilities, and therefore by utilizing different learning models, more and more learners acquire knowledge. The other factor I look for when deciding on a school to teach is the nature of employment offered. I prefer permanent contracts over temporary ones. Permanent contracts enable teachers to concentrate on disseminating knowledge and not worrying about their employment security. Job security can increase the productivity of a teacher. I also believe schools which have a proper reward system for both teachers and students would make for a good teaching and learning environment.

Rewarding outstanding effort provides the much-needed encouragement and motivation to keep working harder. I believe any teacher would want to work in a school where they are appreciated. I also believe the proper school environment is one which has an appraisal system and which constant feedback is provided. Teachers need to know that their efforts are within the expected standards set by the school. Constant evaluation ensures the whole teaching workforce is committed to upholding a school's culture, standards, and core values.

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