Education Essay: Benefits of University of Phoenix Careers

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Date:  2021-06-23

The unique aspect of Phoenix Career Guidance System is its interactive interface in addition to the integrated tools available making navigating from one link to another comfortable. The career guidance program is informative, educative, and the best fit for job seekers and potential students. Its ability to connect students or prospective student's skills, abilities, interests, and education make it the best fit for career guidance and a clear site. According to Zacher (2014), career development is a lifelong journey that begins first with the personality assessment. In addition to the multiple linked sites, the program offers prospective students and job seekers a platform to make critical decisions as concerns their education and future careers. The ability to save and mark ones choices comes as an important aspect of the site as it enables a user mark and keeps up to date with the changes as one navigates through the multiple sites.

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The programs feature to gauge a student's career prospects, skills, and personality forms a critical aspect of the system. With the feature, the system provides guidance and tools essential for a thorough analysis of the student's prospects. The system is easy to use and understand. The systematic guide to starting a career path creates the first opening to a visitor's self-analysis. Students unsure of their career path have the opportunity to carry out a self-assessment that includes a survey questionnaire. Through the assessment and available options of career matches, an individual can make the right choice of which career path to take. Finding a career path that aligns with one's personality, skills, and educational background is critical for an individual. With the system, it starts at the "Advancing Career" tab where one can realize and access additional information on how to advance in their career or make a change. The feature offers students and visitors to the site an opportunity to look beyond their educational abilities. For example, it has the unique feature that enables one to align the career with a particular job opportunity available in the job market. In ascertaining one's ability in the career selected, a tool for career assessment is available to enable one carry out a self-analysis of the abilities, skills, and interest in that given field of interest. Patton and McMahon (2014) argue that career development and planning first begins with an identification of self, interest, and capabilities.

The available tabs and features in which one can choose a given career area or job title that goes along with the preferred degree are critical in providing a student with the right options in making a sound decision. The features and links are simple, easy to use, and self-explanatory. A visitor to the program with no prior knowledge on career prospect can understand and learn on some of the critical aspects of the job market such as remuneration, availability, geographical are, and possible activities within the job group. It thus offers a student or visitor to the site comprehensive information as pertains to one's chosen field of interest. Students and visitors to the site also have the advantage of selecting a particular region of interest in which they may wish to launch their careers. For example, a student who has chosen health support occupations as their interest has the benefit of understanding the particular degree needed for that field of interest, available opportunities within a specified state or geographical area, and openings. However, if the University has no such program, it provides the student or visitor with available options besides the field chosen. Of particular interest to is the advantage to learn the job details. For example, a student who has chosen a nursing field has the benefit to learn from the salary range, requirement of employers, experience, best and top employers, hiring trends, in addition to common career paths, and similar education requirement.

Besides it integrated interface, the program provides offers visitors and students to set their goals, sharpen skills, build their resume, develop their game plan, and write a cover letter for their applications. These milestones provide the students with the necessary tools to build their careers in addition to understanding the job market and their attributes. It is a great platform and system for any student who would like more information on career development.


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