Making Successful College Students

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Attending college and completing it successfully determines and marks an individual's ability to overcome one of the most crucial stage of an in individuals learning life. Colleges come with new responsibilities and loads of work. However, if the right learning methods are not applied a student either becomes successful or a failure. Most students in their first years do not know the best tactics they should use for their success. Nonetheless, even those who are already enrolled often experience challenges of coping with their college work because they do not know the tactics and characteristics they should have and apply in their coursework for them to excel. The rationale of this essay is to tackle detailed features of a successful college graduate that act as a pathway to their success.

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The first characteristic of a successful student is self-drive and motivation. A motivated student always strives to achieve their goals. The need to set achievable goals accrues to the difficulties that students relate to in the learning process (Urban 1). Setting goals to act as a ground on which students establish a mindset of hard work and smart working for them to graduate with excellent grades, which are their optimal and fundamental goals of joining college.

For a student to become successful in their course work they have to show and apply persistence in their studies. From the start, college poses challenges and shortcoming to a new student due to the adversities and changes that come from becoming independent young individuals without depending on their parents in whatever decisions they make. Moreover, college does not offer the luxuries of an internet range, family, and parental care. However, despite all this changes and challenges students should strive to overcome these inevitable obstacles (Urban 1). Instead of dying with their problems of coping with college hardships students should ensure they get assistance from the student advisors in their schools. As a result, students are advised on how to balance their coursework and any other challenges that may come up in the process of learning.

Another characteristic of a successful student has positive thinking skills. With all the obstacles hindering success occurring at once student often slip into patterns of thinking negatively. Especially when tested students sometimes give reasons like the test was too hard, there are too many notes to read, and therefore, they cannot get everything done altogether. Nevertheless, although learning is tedious, time and energy-consuming successful students exert positive solution-oriented thinking tactics in their studies and avoid being overwhelmed by negative thoughts (Urban 1). Moreover, several online platforms tutor learners in some of the coursework that requires some extra help. Importantly, successful students make sure they have a personal reminder that making it through school is very possible.

Successful students make it through college by relying on all the available support systems. Support comes from friends, family or classmates. Notably, most colleges today have support systems implemented in their institution. Nonetheless, if students do not form a relationship with these systems, there will be no impacts that will result from just knowing that these systems are there. But knowing and understanding the importance of the librarian, advisors, the learning center coordinator, the dean, and anyone else in the college grounds who promises support guarantees the support system impacts on a student's learning process (Urban 1). Successful students are also very inquisitive on the resources they can access before they need them. As a result, such students rarely experience stressful situations in the direction they should take in case they need assistance or support.

Lastly successful students have very impressive organizational skills. Organization is paramount as it contributes to a student's excellence. Being organized involves proper time schedules, keeping an assignment calendar, putting into use their to-do lists, using binders with tabs or for those using computers creating folders for each class (Urban 1). The importance of organization is preventing students from becoming stressed because of improper coordination of the learning process. Also, being organized ensures that all tasks and assignments are completed on time a crucial skill that reflects both at school and workplaces.

Successful students in the history of education and especially college have their shares of challenges and setbacks before they graduate. However, with the individual drive, positive thinking, persistence, organization and relying on supportive people and elected departments in their schools ensures that they achieve all their goals and eventually record excellent results.

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