Life Without a Father - Narrative Essay

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Date:  2022-12-07


During my lower school levels, we lived in a small house with my siblings. Food was never a mandatory and usually sees my father waking up so early, beat the dry and coarse morning wind to find us something to eat. My mother was occasionally involved in light morning duties such as preparing us breakfast, however little it was before we could leave for school. The situation was messy, but we were destined for the best. One day while my father was on his regular duties in the streets, he was involved in a horrible road accident. Both his hands were broken with several bruises on his head. He lost a lot of blood until we thought he would not survive. According to McLanahan Sara, and Dona, life without a father, can be very hectic and unbearable (McLanahan et al. 12). Alas, after taken to the hospital where he stayed for approximately five months massive improvements were evident although back at home w were sailing in high poverty. Our few stored food had depleted; we could not go to school as usually as my mother could not afford the tuition fees as well as other basic needs. It forced us to go to school in turns with my little going on week one while I go on the second one. The alternation worked, but our performance massively deteriorated.

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A few months later my father was discharged from the hospital. It was good news against wrong, he looked fit, but he was reduced to nothingness (Popenoe 34). He could not proceed with his normal responsibilities. As a result, my mother was subjected to all family duties and provision. Our education became a past tense, and we were left wallowing for help from any Good Samaritan. Luckily, when the government released its annual budget out area was much considered, and we became the first group to receive the donations. I was later admitted back to school and preceded with my education.

On my final year while preparing to sit for the last paper my father past on. This became the most significant test in my life as well as my entire family. Nothing seemed right, and it seemed as if our future was doomed. The funeral arrangements were conducted through the help of the area politicians who made sure that he was given a decent send-off. During, burial ceremony many accomplished promises were made. My relatives promised to take as to school. The area administrators and leaders thumbing their chest hard with empty promises of ensuring that justice prevails and the person who knocked my father in the city is brought books. Remember it was more than two years after the accidents. We waited, but all were in vain, nothing fruitful came our way. My mother was left with the whole responsibility of ensuring that our future remains valid. However, on several occasion the going was rough, and we were forced to go without evening meals.

Three months later, I decided to drop off school and help my mother in farming which now the only solution for our livelihood. We maximized in agriculture, started with indigenous crops and gradually ascended to certified ones. During this time, my sister has also left school to help in preparing meals while being busy in farming. So hard work she was the all our meals were ready at their recommended time regardless of their quality and quantity. It was nothing but unity. Hard pays the saying goes; we remained determined and opportunistic. Waking up early and going to bed late. Several months later our produce was ready, and we could smile to the farm and back home with enough food to feed on. After harvest, the excess we sold while we gave to our neighbors as a way of thanksgiving from the support they gave us when we lost of the father. Two seasons passed and we were approaching the third one. The produce was now enough, and we managed to renovate our old house. Bought new iron sheets and windows as well as new steel doors which were very uncommon during that day. They were associated with high-class individuals and leaders. Life started changing as our efforts doubling never to relent.

Later my sister and I decided to go back to school to continue with our education. At this time hard remained key in our lives and we were focused on turning all odds round. Although we stayed home for two years and our experience wasn't as usually we were disturbed and our never relented. Back at home, my mother kept on working on the farm to keep the tempo high. On our side, it was momentum reloaded and agitated for the best. I was the first one to sit for the final examination, and the result was splendid. I never thought it could be this, but I thank God for it. I emerged the best in the whole areas, and as the norm, I was given a scholar to any school of my choices. Jubilation was all over our home as we thanked God for making us proud. According to McLanahan Sara, and Dona, the loss of a father, maybe a setback to the entire family. However, in our case, it was the opposite (McLanahan et al. 12). We kept our heads high and worked amidst all odds until we realized our efforts.


Interestingly, during the annual agricultural week in our district where different farm produces are showcased and farmers recognized for their work. We were honored and chosen as the guest of the occasion. My family was applauded for her efforts in the agricultural sector which had become the backbone of our family. Our farm produce was showcased while others are sold at high prices than the average market value. Many people bought, and we accumulate a good amount of money during that week, and my mother was appreciated for the good hard work. However, as the meeting was coming to an end, the agricultural department from the district headquarters gave us a piece of land. Numerous certified seeds, farm tools and start capital to maximize our endeavoring goal in agriculture. This was a double joy as my mother was also made the ambassador of the agricultural sector in the region. My going to school was elevated, and nothing could now bar me from achieving the best for my family (McLanahan et al. 12). The death of my father left a hollow in our lives, but we are destined and focused on sealing it. My sister progress in school was equally promising, and we are sure she will get better grades after that.

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