Time Management Strategy: Managing My Schedule Paper Example

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Date:  2022-09-11


Time management strategy refers to an approach whose focus is to enable individuals to perform their tasks with a high level of effectiveness. Below is a plan to facilitate the success of my tasks in every week and some next few months. It describes my strategy for managing my time while taking my current course as well as some future courses to come.

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My Priorities in the Order of Importance

  • Family: looking for my mom
  • Work: job in retail
  • School: online classes
  • Exercise: running, biking and hiking
  • Time with friends
  • Community services: volunteering with local parks and recreation
  • Blogging
  • Reading
  • Watching television

Managing My Schedule

I will use my Smartphone having special features such as Office Suite, a word processing, spreadsheet functions. My smartphone will also be compatible with MS Office and also will have Google Calendar to schedule all my priorities. By using a Smartphone, It will be quite easy for me to revise my scheduling information effectively when the need be. Google calendar will help me to share my scheduled information to people who are important in my life. By using Office Suite, I will be able to record my goals and also create reasonable checklists. Notably, my Smartphone is well compatible with an MS Office. Therefore, I will connect it to a PC so that I can edit all documents that are contained in an ms office.


There are several activities I will have to limit in order to create more time for my higher priorities. For instance, although I will still be visiting my mom, I will reduce the number of visits by substituting some of them with phone calls. Also, I will change my mode of working by adjusting my job from a department store to a sporting goods store so that bi can save as much time as possible for my higher priorities. I will also minimize the amount of time i go out hanging with my friends. To save time on exercises, I will consider participating in jobs that are physically demanding such as trail crew as part of my training. I will also cut some time on blogging and focus towards excellent boards that are connected to my objective of becoming an outdoor writer. In case I get some time to watch television, I will concentrate on shows that are related to travels and outdoors. Therefore, my time to read will have a focus on prominent writers such as Thoreau, Leopold, and Hemingway.

Disaster plan

Technical challenges

  • I will place my entire essential due dates and assignment a part of my schedules so that I will know what to handle in case internet connections becomes a challenge at every beginning of a new course.
  • I will download my e-books so that I can access them when internet connections are weak.
  • I will visit johns place at his coffee shop or even visit an available local library to log in case my internet connection goes down.
  • Also, my plan is to Backup my class work on flash disks so that I can retrieve them using johns PC if my computer goes down.

The unexpected demand for time

  • In the process of creating my schedule, I will offer some cushion to make any changes in case something good or bad happens unexpectedly.
  • I will present my assignment in time to avoid undergoing procrastinations in case something comes up unexpectedly.
  • Mom in need of more help
  • I will focus to assist her in case her health condition continues to deteriorate.
  • I will lose some of my independence time to cut travels between where she lives and where I live.

Lost job

  • While seeking my new job, I will move together with my mom to reduce more expenses.

Lost smartphone

  • I will protect my smartphone against getting lost or from damages since my all schedules are dependent on it.
  • I will keep on backing up my smartphone data on my PC in every second I log in.

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