Different Types of Social Media in Regards to Higher Education - Paper Example

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When it comes to enrollment in higher education, it is important that focus is put on almost all social media platforms. Potential students may prefer different social platforms and thus by being present could drive them to identify what the institution offers.

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Facebook for Customer Relations and Campaigning

Institutions through Facebook can boost their enrollment campaigns while maintaining good relations with the target group. Facebook has moved away from the old method of advertising of commenting and sharing in return for something that benefits the people by directing relevant content (WSI Online, 2018). Today through their campaign institutions of higher learning can set enrollment goals and direct essential enrollment requirements to those preparing to join college. Success in the campaign, however, depends on specific factors such as timing, getting personal and giving the applicants more control when engaging them on Facebook.

Instagram in Higher Education

Colleges and other higher learning institution across the world are now embracing the use of Instagram to market their institutions. With the increasing popularity of Instagram, it plays a vital role in portraying what the school looks like, its history, and even displaying the beautiful structures and recreational facilities that make up the institution (Connect.mit.edu, 2018). Extraordinary moments captured can also be shared to show how the college celebrates essential events with their students. These moments can be crucial especially for individual looking for a specific course as they can quickly identify the based-on instream pics or videos thus increase chances of enrollment.

LinkedIn in Higher Education for Alumni and Business Targets

LinkedIn provides a suitable marketing strategy for marketing content to various parts of the world to reach massive audiences. Major institutions have been successful in wooing applicants by highlighting graduates who have excelled in the careers they provide. This platform also ranks content and increase audiences based directing them to broad audience. Business benefits from targeted information by being able to identify institutions that produce quality graduates for the job market.

Snapchat in Higher Education for Relative Marketing

Majority of Snapchat users comprise mainly of youths between 18 and thirty years who are primarily eligible for university education. Snapchat has a lot of features that could be used by the university to share content with them and place them ahead of their competitors in enrollment (LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, 2018). Through creating a brand that is very exciting to the applicants the institution is now able to market what they offer to the target group. Through Snapchat filters, the institution gains popularity and its market share.

Twitter for Conversations and Relative Updates

Twitter provides an opportunity for users to create hashtags and tweet in 2800 characters about what they would like to share. A university can use this platform efficiently by creating twitter handles for specific departments and continue using it to share updates. Handles allow the institution to create threads about careers and other vital activities the institution offers. By creating threads and incorporating hashtags such as #enrolment, they influence people to choose them over others.


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