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Date:  2022-12-10


From the moment children are born, they are inundated in environments that make them eager to explore the world. Babies also observe their parents and attempt to touch their caregivers by moving their mouths to taste and feel anything that gets close to them. The developmental milestones are the ability that develops in children when they reach specific ages. In this case study, we will analyze specific details to find out if Brittany has normal growth.

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When Brittany was taken to the hospital because of acute illness, the information given raised red flags. The growth of the baby is determined through physical, social and cognitive development. From the examination, it was observed that Brittany began rolling front and back at six months, started grasping things at 11 months and began cruising at ten months. The analysis shows that there is a delay in Brittany's milestone because usually, a baby starts to roll back and forth between 3 to 6 months, but for her, it was at six months. Britney also delayed in grasping items at 11 months which a healthy child usually does this between six to nine months (Neligan & Prudham, 2008). The questions to ask are, even though Britney does not walk independently does she stand without assistance? Can she pick and throw objects? Can she sit down unaided? To answer all these, proper observation will be made by engaging the child with toys.

Brittany's social development also raised red flags. By the time a child reaches 12 months they usually have many social growths. As highlighted Britanny only mimicked, did the four-word vocabulary, was quiet when comforted and followed the one-step command. Britney's characters are mostly seen when a baby reaches six months. By twelve months a baby can show signs of attention, play games, become shy (instead of keeping quiet), and responds with their feet and hands when being dressed (Neligan & Prudham, 2008). Suitable questions to ask include does the baby hand a book over to the parent to be read a story? Does she show her favorite people or items? The baby will be mixed with other kids and a few nurses to find out her reactions.

The cognitive development milestone for a 12-month child means that they should explore various things, copy gestures, bang two things together, uses the index finger to point and follow simple instructions (Neligan & Prudham, 2008). Since no information was given on this, such observations and other more will be analyzed to see whether the child is growing normal. Other questions to ask include, does the child use things like hairbrushes and drinking cups correctly? Does she also look at the right picture when the item is named? Proper screening will be done to see if the baby corresponds to the tasks.

Difference Between Average Growth and Abnormal Growth in Children

There is a thin line that differentiates between abnormal and normal development because normal varies based on their progress and age. Sometimes, the development of the child becomes uneven because social development may lag behind their intellectual growth or vice versa (Watson & Lowrey, 2010). Moreover, normal behavior depends on how it appears by a particular time and situation. This also depends on the child's family expectations and values as well as social and cultural values. It is vital then to understand the child's unique development procedure to accept, interpret or adapt their behavior (Watson & Lowrey, 2010). This is because kids have various variations, practice and development, and temperament.

One screening tool that can be used to treat Britney's condition is by using the multidomain developmental screening tool through a feasible method to identify if the child is at risk of developing multiple problems simultaneously. Britney requires no medication because she has no complications (Smitsman & Bongers, n.d). The only remedy for Britney is that she must live with her parents and not her grandmother. The baby should also be engaged in lots of activities both with other children and adults to facilitate her cognitive, social and physical development.


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