Developing Vocabulary & Fluency in Diverse Students: Increasing Flow & Understanding - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-08-16


The lesson plan will focus on developing the vocabulary and fluency level of diverse students. The proposal's specific objective is to enable the students to speak English phrases quickly, hence increasing the flow of sentences during reading. It will allow the learners to have a high level of understanding, which can get evaluated through their ability to grasp subjects' concepts such as arithmetic formulas and history. Fluency is the capability of an individual to scan a passage while understanding it. The language aspect is vital for students who do not know complex words and their relevance in sentences.

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Content Standards

The class session's standard is that all students should reach the high intermediate level of English. The instructor will determine the linguistic ability of the learners through awarding them scores after evaluating their written and oral tests.

Target Audience

The classroom comprises of diverse members from ethnic groups such as Americans and Arabians. But the school employs the use of an English based curriculum. The private academic institution is within a good school district. The students have different religious beliefs since they are mainly Christians and Muslims. The class consists of 50 students, whereby 28 are of the male gender, while 22 are females. Most of the learners are from the middle-class society while the rest are within the high-class community. There are around eight individuals with disabilities in the class. The 8th-grade students are currently at the second and third WIDA levels which comprise of adapting and expanding their language knowledge.

Instructional Materials

There are various resources that the instructor will use to implement the language aspect, which includes the use of sticker boards and play games. The board tool will incorporate visual representations such as images to tell stories where learners will acquire knowledge on new words and incorporate them into a sentence. The teacher will use games such as twenty questions to ask students which will allow them to learn from each other and improve their flow of sentences. The instructor will also use an online dictionary to identify words' synonyms, opposite meanings, definitions, and pictorial representations. The school will provide the students with materials such as textbooks, which they will use to practice their understanding of words at home. The learners will use the Tumblebook library premium online platform to improve their reading and listening abilities. It is a digital resource that consists of visual books where the students can learn new words and get a chance to practice the use of old phrases in a story.

Prior Academic Knowledge

The students need to understand the importance of becoming fluent in both languages since it will enable them to put more effort during the lesson. The individuals should have practical listening skills such as proper sitting posture and avoid interrupting, which will allow them to maintain keenness during the learning process. The pupils should be aware of simple expressions, which will enable them to comprehend quickly hence develop adequate fluency.


There are expectations that the native Arabic speakers will find the idea of developing their vocabularies as complex, which can make them lose interest hence become ignorant during the lesson. The use of academic strategies such as the incorporation of complex words into relatable stories will attract the students' attention and eliminate the risk of the misconception, which can hinder the lesson plan's goals and objectives.

Language Demands

There are two forms of language functions, which include oral and academic writing. In terms of the word of mouth aspect, the idea of enhancing vocabulary and improving the flow of sentences will help students in participating in debates within the English or Arabic language. Rich vocabulary and fluency will allow the learners to know how to conduct comparisons and explain processes when studying and answering questions during technical subjects' examination. For the learners to develop the language functions, they need to know how to ask questions, which will enable them to inquire where they do not understand hence enhance language development.

The purpose of a person acquiring rich vocabulary and a high level of frequency is enhancing communication in terms of listening, talking, interpretation, and writing. Students should know essential words since it enhances their ability to understand the subjects taught in the classroom also allows them to grow intellectually. At the moment, the learners can use phrases such as nouns and verbs within a sentence. Most of the students can only be fluent when using simple words.

Instructional Strategies

At the start of the lesson, the instructor will use open-ended questions to ensure the class members' participation and attention. It will encourage the learners to express their opinions and show their fluency level, which will help the teacher. The instructor needs to provide the learners with rewards such as writing materials when they answer questions correctly, which will increase their confidence.

The first step of the lesson will involve the instructor and learners gathering new words and expressions from various resources and noting them down on the blackboard. It will enable the teacher to evaluate the number of familiar English phrases and divide the class into groups. The second phase will be to allow the students to practice the use of the vocabularies in sentences in the form of groups. The third step will involve the instructor asking the 8th graders questions where they can improve their ability to read quickly. The last stage will entail the use of assessment tools, such as tests to determine the learners' linguistic progress. The session will use study groups and question-based learning to improve the 8th graders' critical thinking and reasoning skills.

The instructor will support the students by providing guiding notes and practice to ensure that they are on the right path. The use of in-person consultation will allow the teacher to understand the students' weaknesses and aid them in solving them. The summarized notes will consist of graphic representations to ensure better grasping and understanding of the new vocabularies.

There are various strategies that the instructor will use to end the lesson. For instance, summarize the key points, review the entire topic, and relates to the students' experiences. The teacher will need to mention the significance of useful vocabulary and fluency in terms of real stories. It will enable the learners to continue practising to acquire rich vocabularies and become fluent in English.

The instructor will take time to divide the students in terms of their linguistic capabilities during the group discussions. It will allow the teacher to improve all learners' vocabulary and fluency level. English native speakers will practice the use of more complex phrases to enrich their vocabulary. Arabic native speakers will receive materials which will teach them essential words to improve their ability to make good sentences and read fluently. Students with disabilities tend to be slow; hence the class session will incorporate objects to represent the words to improve their memory capabilities. The instructor will give more attention to the disabled scholars through constant evaluation and motivating them through praising their efforts.

The function of the learning strategies is that it will allow the students to recognize various names and understand their context within a sentence effectively. Johnston et al. (2018) showed that it is vital for learners to get vocabulary development through the use of evaluation tools such as questions. Individual learning is also paramount since it will allow the students to improve on their weaknesses (Johnston et al., 2018).


Johnston, L. E., Mercer, S. H., & Geres-Smith, R. (2018). Incorporating vocabulary instruction in individual reading fluency interventions with English language learners. Canadian Journal of School Psychology, 33(1), 63-81.

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