Paper Example on Learning Styles in Student Evaluation

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As the instructor, one needs to choose an assessment method that takes care of the learning styles of every student. Learners have their strengths and challenges and that means instructors have a huge amount of work to do in making a choice for the assessment as they need to consider every student's opportunity and what would demonstrate their knowledge. There are assessments that are better than others, they only depend on whether they accomplish the mission to deliver the best responses to students.

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Instructors also need to consider an assessment over another because they need to match the learning goals to assessments. What one needs to assess is what the student studies, engage with and explore in-depth. An instructor could begin with what the student knows and able to do then they can design and choose an assessment that demonstrates the appropriate skills and knowledge of the individuals.

Assessments could either be papers, assignments, class projects or exams. There is a need to revise assessment choices in that after the analysis of a student's achievement, the instructor needs to see the gaps in their teaching or the effectiveness of the assessments they impose on students. A particular assessment would work perfectly because I would have done my choices and creased a measure of student understanding considering what they would want and how the assessment would be of help.

What Might Be The Challenges Of The Assessment Method You Choose?

It is difficult to achieve an effective assessment method especially because of numbers. A large number of students means that there are different abilities and skills such that one cannot use the same assessment method. There will be a need to vary these methods according to the strengths and challenges of these students. This way, they will not have to feel intimidated by the assessment.

It will be hard to match reliable, valid and appropriate methods to all the learning objectives of the course. There are specific learning objectives that an instructor has to stick to, and that means that one method will not be appropriate to assess the students. This way, instructors will be forced to create or adapt assessment learning tools that are fair and which the faculty and students also understand.

There is also the problem of time in that formative assessments consume a lot of time. Such assessments like homework, tests and quizzes may take quite a while especially when dealing with a large number of people and often, an instructor may get caught up and overwhelmed looking at the bigger picture.

What Might Be The Benefits Of An Essay Test Over A Multiple-Choice Test?

Essay tests are better than a multiple-choice test for various reasons. The main advantage of administering an essay test to students is that they have a chance to express their ideas with few restraints. This is unlike the multiple-choice testing where students are only limited to the choices and they have no options to write what they know.

Essay tests are advantageous not only to the student but also to the teacher. They involve recalling because there are no options that one can select. This way, it is to mean that teachers are effective to eliminate guessing. The student needs to supply and not select a good response. Essay tests are unlike the multiple-choice test where the student can have a lucky guess and still get credit for having a correct answer.

Essay tests help to test content knowledge of the student. A careful reading of a question can get the student having the right answer to the question in multiple-choice questions. Thus students tend to make use of this advantage. It could be the grammatical structure that fits an answer option or a longer length of the correct response. In this case, the multiple-choice tests end up testing the literary skill of a student rather than the content they have learnt. As an instructor, one would prefer to administer essay tests to students rather than multiple choices as this way it could make more sense of how knowledgeable a student may be.

Are You Evaluating a Student's Ability to Retain Facts or Apply Concepts and Principles?

An instructor will be evaluating the ability of a student to apply concepts and principles instead of retaining facts because it will serve as a way to review progress in learning over time. It is useless to subject students to retaining facts because they are not able to argue out points rationally when they can apply the facts in real life.

Education is more of an investment in the life of someone, which means the development of skills, motivation and knowledge rather than learning specific facts in history that demand the student to be well-versed. Evaluating their ability to apply concepts helps to build an educational program where one can assess their achievements and make improvements in its effectiveness.

Evaluating their ability also helps the instructor to provide valuable feedback on the design and implementation of their learning strategies. The students will have the ability to form the values of judgment, the status of education or the achievement of students. As the instructor, I will be checking whether students can apply the concepts taught in class in their real-life experiences.

Exam Development

The first step to developing an exam is to establish a test purpose. What will be the need for test scores? What is the ultimate intention for the exam, is it certification or licensure? Developing the purpose of the test helps to stick to a plan and not subject students to unnecessary questions that have no use in the end. The instructor needs to make emphasis on whether the test will be on minimum competency or it will require mastering the content of the course.

Answering the questions of the test purpose will have the implications of the many aspects of the exam. The instructor will be able to know the length of the test, the average difficulty of the items, conditions of administering the test and the type of information I will provide on the score reports. An instructor is likely to meet their goals and priorities if they set clear and focused test purpose, their goals and also priorities.

The exam development will also include coming up with the initial pool of items. It will be after developing the test specifications. I will have the exam set from different areas of my teaching and book content. I will prefer the format to be as follows:

Five multiple-choice questions (identify the correct answer with boldface type). The student will need to identify the correct answer to the question with boldface type which will help to give marks for the ones that got it right.

Three fill-ins the blank prompts (include the correct response in boldface type following the question) - the students will need to fill in the answers for these questions in boldface type. This will help to ensure that I identify correct answers as they write them.

One essay question (include, in boldface type, a list of elements that you will be looking for as you grade). In the essay, I will be checking for points that support evidence of the question I posed. I will need to check for points that are related and relevant to the topic. I will also look for keywords associated with the essay question. It will help to make an informed judgement about the value, strength and weakness of the argument.

A determination of points for each of your questions and a calculation of the percentage for each question of the total 100% available.

For example, if your multiple-choice questions are worth 10 points each and there are 100 points available in the test, one multiple-choice question is worth 10/100 = 0.10, or 10% of the total 100%

Every fill-in blank prompts will be 2 marks and all the prompts will make 20% of the total test.

The essay question will be to work 20 marks and will make 40% of the total exam.

The multiple questions will be worth 1 mark each and all of them will make 40% of the total exam.

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