Developing New Email Platform for University: Assessing Risks - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-16


The planned course project to be implemented is the development of a new email platform to be used by the organization. In this case, the organization will be the university while its stakeholders, who are the management, staff and students, will be the beneficiary of the email platform. Additionally, the stakeholders that I will seek assistance from when assessing the risk associated with developing a new email platform will be the university employees working in the information, communication and technology (ICT) department. The stated stakeholders will be perfect for risk assessment since they have long working experience in the ICT sector. As such, they will be able to identify potential risks that may affect the development of a new email platform in the university.

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Two Potential Risks That Could Be Identified

The first potential risk is the limitations imposed by the current email service provider for the university. In this case, if the university had signed a contract for email service support for a specified period, then it would be challenging to create a new email system. For instance, the current email service provider may claim damages in the form of monetary compensation if the new email platform is created. Additionally, that is because the university will have breached the signed terms of the contract between itself and the current email service provider authorizing the latter to supply email services to the university over a specified period. The second potential risk likely to be faced is the lack of coordination between various stakeholders involved in the development of a new email support service. For instance, there might be poor communication between the procurement and finance departments, which is a phenomenon that might hamper the introduction of the new email platform at the university.

Ways Through Which the Risks Might Be Mitigated

Effective management of risk facilitates the attainment of positive results, goals or objectives during project management (Hutchins, 2019; Loosemore, Raftery, Reilly & Higgon, 2012; Woods, 2011) In this context, two primary strategies will be used to mitigate the risks likely to hamper the process of developing a new email platform for the university. The first risk management measure will be to review the terms of the agreement that the university may have with the current email service provider before the current project can be initiated. The second risk management measure that will be used will include using online communication systems such as live chats, emails and social media platforms to interact with all departments or entities involved in the project implementation process. Additionally, this will allow the project managers to monitor the involvement of all participants during the email platform implementation and launching process.


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