Developing an Appropriate Lesson Plan: Understanding Students - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-05-12


The development of the appropriate lesson plan is one major thing that instructors must understand (Richards & Renandya, 2004). As a teacher, I would make several considerations in the process of developing a lesson plan. Firstly, it is essential to know who my students are. Ideally, having a better understanding of my students will be vital for lesson planning. Such knowledge involves knowing their backgrounds, level of interests and ability to operate in groups (Fuji, 2019). This knowledge will help me design instructions that will meet the needs of my students. Secondly, knowing my content and the materials that are available to help me teach successfully will be a vital factor to consider. It will be critical to research the subject that I will be teaching. It will also be a good idea to know the national standards that guide the development of teaching materials.

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The two learning objectives for my lesson plan will include the ability to remember and the ability to comprehend or understand concepts. Regarding how I will incorporate content to meet those learning objectives for my students, I will conduct comprehensive research on the topic or the subject matter that I intend to teach. Broadly, I will utilize the curriculum guides published by the state in which I teach as well as the local learning institution that has employed me. For useful content, I will visit websites that are focused on the curriculum frameworks and which will provide me with valuable and valuable information on the topic of research.

Expected Students' Feedback

Meaningful efforts from the students are vital in improving the teaching and learning outcomes. An instructor critique is a crucial tool for nurse educators (Fuji, 2019). It allows the students to provide views and feelings about the course and its content. It also offers an opportunity for the students to reflect and provide feedback regarding their learning (Skowron, 2006). As a nurse educator, I would be glad to receive appropriate reflections and feedback from students about their knowledge. Undeniably, some feedback I would like to receive from my students to improve my teaching and presentation methods their views and feedback on delivery. The delivery, in this case, refers to the instructor's teaching method, strategies, practices, and clarity. The student's feedback about these areas will be crucial for me, as they will provide insights regarding my mode of delivery and ability to teach the required content more effectively. The negative feedback, in this case, will demand an improvement to meet both the needs of the students in terms of understanding but also the overall course objectives. Secondly, the students' feedback about the course materials and structure will be vital. With this kind of information, I will be able to develop course materials and content that align with their abilities and preferences. Finally, I would like to get feedback about their connection with me. The teacher-student relationship is crucial in the latter's learning and ability to comprehend the information being taught. If the connection is poor, then it goes without saying that the student is likely to fail.


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