Curriculum Proposal Paper

Paper Type:  Research proposal
Pages:  2
Wordcount:  441 Words
Date:  2022-04-14

The curriculum paper seeks to critically analyze and discuss my role as a social worker in supporting children's emergent life studies in the education field which includes literacy, math, social studies, and science. According to John Dewey theory of curriculum and child, there are some fundamental factors in the education process which are either immature or underdeveloped. The theory of John Dewey connects both the educative process with the interaction of students and their involvement with social life (Tanner, 2007). It connects the education process with the experience of adult or matured people so that students can gain knowledge from them and interact with the real world. So the curriculum in the education must design by giving importance to the theoretical and practical aspects of a subject.

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The curriculum proposal for the different subject explained below:

  • Literacy: Despite the new developments in knowledge and consensus in arts and other disciplines such as English language in children education, evidence indicates that little effort has been made to help translate into measurable and meaningful improvements. According to John Dewey, literacy is a language art and one of the basic examples is studying poems of English in classrooms. In children's emergent life studies, there is a competing demand for curricular time and resources which should be adopted in learning institutions. One of the examples of practical learning is by adding classroom discussion of new words on a daily basis to enhance the vocabulary of the students.
  • Math: Most learning institutions do not offer the required theoretical skills in regard to math teaching thereby making students to find it boring because instead of practicing is practically they take it theoretically. Failures to recognize such deficits call for important recommendations to help assess the various weaknesses found and initiate the required strengths of curricula within the schools. Other activities like making fun games in the class to help students to learn the concept of math will be good approaches.
  • Social studies: In addition to analyzing children's curriculum, teachers ought to assess the whole of the student's learning environment when interacting with the social environment of the world. To make this interesting subject teacher should take students to nearby museums so that they can practically learn the concepts of history (Egan, 2012).


Egan, K. (2012). John Dewey and the Social Studies Curriculum. Theory & Research in Social Education .

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