Course Work on Teaching: Case Study of Jon's Social Development

Paper Type:  Course work
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Wordcount:  613 Words
Date:  2021-07-17

The first step I would take as a teacher is to encourage Jon to play with other children who are members of his class. I would organize for games and make sure to allow Jon to participate fully and if possible be the leader. The games would enhance Jon's social development through positive friendship skills social values and empathy. Also, I would help Jon learn how to delay gratification as this would regulate his behavior and emotions which are a critical part of social- emotional skills. Additionally, I would assign a bit challenging tasks to Jon as the challenge would help him to persist on tasks and therefore enhancing his social-emotional skills.

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I would then organize a meeting with both of Jons parents and the grandmother. During the meeting, I would seek to find out if the parents are aware of Jons condition and if they have done something about it. I would encourage the parents to create more time for their son so that they can be able to acknowledge their sons feelings while showing love and affection to him. I would encourage the parents to make time for fun and set play dates with Jons classmates outside of school as the unusual relationship with peers will help reduce the anxiety of separation as they are left to play on their own (Bindman et al 2014).

For the case of Sasha the grandmother, I would advise her to stop pampering her grandson as pampering does more harm than good. Sasha should be discouraged from preventing Jon from interacting with other children during pick up times. Moreover, Jon should be encouraged to play harder without unnecessary restrictions as this will help him to become creative and independent. Also, I would extend my support for Jon by suggesting a good social-emotional learning program. In the program, Jon would join other children who are obese and suffer from separation anxiety as this would make it sound normal for him. I would also advise Emily and Dr. John to be good social, emotional role models for Jon and make a routine of reading books with social, emotional themes to Jon. I would also advise Sasha and the parents to formulate rules and set expectations for Jons behavior and also setting limits of control would help Jon understand that there are rules to be followed and that he cannot be with his grandmother all the time,

According to the theory of Erik Erickson psychosocial development that is founded on the postulation that social development and cognitive appear together and cannot be detached. Teachers, parents, and guardians play a critical role in shaping the social- emotional skills of their children. Jon is four years old and therefore according to Ericksons theory he would fall in the Initiative versus Guilt category of children between three and five years. John needs the opportunity to take initiatives to duties as this will make him feel that he has accomplished something. Whenever the grandmother stops Jon from interacting with his school mates during pickups, denying him the opportunity to run or wipes his face, she is discouraging her grandson from initiating activities as the theory suggests.

The theory suggests that teachers should learn to observe the children and seek to find out the interests the children while encouraging them to participate in various activities. As a teacher according to the theory, I would also provide an enabling environment where Jon would be able to explore together with other children.


Bindman, S. W., Skibbe, L. E., Hindman, A. H., Aram, D., & Morrison, F. J. (2014). Parental writing support and preschoolers early literacy, language, and fine motor skills. Early childhood research quarterly, 29(4), 614-624.

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