Critical Thinking as the General Education Outcome

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Date:  2022-03-10


The course discussion examines the issue of climate change from the perspectives of various US Presidential candidates for the 2020 elections. Climate change has been analyzed under four different perspectives, namely; the plans for climate change released by each candidate, the candidate's website overview on climate change, the candidate's public statements on climate change, and the candidate's history on climate action (NRDC Action Fund, 2019). Based on the survey, all Presidential Candidates except Trump advocate for the adoption of renewable energy and take strategic measures to curb the progressive increase in climate change to lethal levels. According to Trump, global warming is a scam that has been devised to bring down the American economy by suppressing the US manufacturing industries (USA Today, 2019). For that reason, he works tirelessly to restore the glory of the US manufacturing industries by encouraging oil and gas exploitation.

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The issue of climate change relates to critical thinking as a general education outcome in the following ways. First, there is a dilemma requiring critical thinking to establish Trump's claims as true or false. The claims about carbon dioxide as the main building block of life, wind turbines as a cause for cancer, and the question about science behind the climate issue. Trump believes that scientists have lied to Americans over a long time concerning the dangers of climate (NRDC Action Fund, 2019). To Trump, global warming is a mere scam based on various incidences of extremely cold temperatures both within and outside the United States. According to Trump, the scientific messages concerning the dirtiness of air due to fossil fuels is not appropriate, given all-time statistics of the clean air of the American atmosphere (USA Today, 2019). These issues provoke critical thinking in an effort to determine the truth and either approve or disapprove of the matter.

When these issues are connected to critical thinking, we might learn that people have different ways of thinking and reasoning. The way one thinks and perceives a particular issue is greatly dependent on their experience, knowledge, belief, or anticipated personal gains. Moreover, we might also learn that humans have complex thinking and reasoning abilities that can either create or destroy the environment.


In conclusion, critical thinking is a very important virtue that boosts the ability of one to think and reason properly. As a general education outcome, it is necessary to enable proper development and competency of people in all situations.


NRDC Action Fund. (2019 February, 22). Climate Change and the 2020 Presidential Candidates: Where Do They Stand? Retrieved from

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