Critical Essay on Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare

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Date:  2022-06-09


William Shakespeare use of the following characters to play different roles in the play of Merchant of Venice. Antonio is a character used in the game to be a merchant in Venice, and he acts the part of ships where he worries his boats are overdue. Bassanio, Graziano, and Lorenzo were the young friends of the merchant of Venice friendship is a thing which is drawn and brought strait and always is joined by two or more. The virtue of association was considered very significantly, and it was to be understood that the nature of individual hath knit together and the many companies of humankind. The way the merchant depicts friendship of men does not correspond to the old Renaissance. According to the ancient association, it is enjoyed as it is desired, itis bred, nourished and only increased in enjoyment since it is spiritual and the soul grows refined by practice. Cicero value the following qualities for good friendship faith, honesty, uprightness, liberality, and the great constancy. The Antonio and Bassonia friendship reveal the Cicero value since Antonio allows Bassanio to borrow loan in his security of expected shipment. "Portia recognizes the community between husband and wife when she asks Bassanio to share with her the bad news that arrives from Venice," is a quote used in act one of the play.

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At the beginning of the play, we noticed that Bassanio was eagerly desirous of going to Belmont, the Portia home. Bassanio wishes to woo Portia and win her hand in marriage. According to Bassanio, Portia was glowing, more beautiful and that she possesses wondrous virtues. He also mentioned that Portia had developed an interest in him. His motives to marry Portia is not consistent with the seventh century since Bassanio admired her because of money that she possesses in Belmont. He also claimed that Portia was "richly left." Portia fits the stereotyping since her discussion with Nerissa depicts some stereotypes acts. A wife is said to be subjected to their husbands since God gives a wife a law of subjection to her husband. The other reason is that the husband is the head of the wife. The quote says, "Wives submit to your husbands as to the lord."

Shakespeare`s in his play of merchant in the Venice use the portrayal of shylock which is stereotypical and Anti-Semitic. Shylock was mention in the front page of the game as "with the extreme cruelty of the shylock as Jew." In the game, it is doubtful that Shakespeare was trying to portray Shylock in an anti-Semitic way. In act one of the game, Shakespeare made shylock as a comic character to make them feel more challenged by shylock speech. Shylock is one of the leading writers of Shakespeare, so he gets off slightly from stereotyping shylock. Shakespeare did not portray Shylock as a stereotypical way, but Shakespeare was not anti-Semitic. He only depicts shylock as the villain since he knew shylock would appeal to the Christian mess. In the merchant of Venice act 1, Shakespeare stereotypical describe certain cultures. For instance, Portia and Nerissa depict stereotyping when they were discussing the suitors who had earlier visited them; she mentioned how the German drink too much which is considered stereotypical mostly by the Irish and Russian folk.

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