The Grapes of Wrath Play Analysis Paper Example

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Wordcount:  633 Words
Date:  2022-10-23

Introduction and the Question to the Viewer

The play uses songs and acting to express the various life adversities which affect every person in this world. Therefore, it uses ironic humor when discussing the topic of death, where the actor says we all gonna die. In addition, it addresses the issues of loneliness, the death of loved ones, sickness and marital breakup. In fact, the use of songs and the texts make it easy to visit these issues without much pain to the audience who rather sympathize with the actors. As a result, the play seems to ask the viewer to be prepared for eventual death at some point in his life and to understand that they are not the only people affected by painful life moments. Furthermore, everyone in this life undergoes painful experiences and the only way to continue achieving your life destiny is to shake off the tag of self-guilt and blaming individual self for these adversities and start to enjoy life. Therefore, to emphasize the communal interpretation of life challenges the actors use words like "You're not alone" and "We're all in this together".

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The Theme of the Play

The play gives stories on painful moments in the actor's life which revolves around the loss of loved ones, despair, loneliness, loss of friends and break up of marriages. It explains the theme of pain or sorrow in different ways. For example, in the play, we are taken through the life of Uncle John, who is portrayed as a person who is rude to people, unhygienic and lonely in his life. Furthermore, we are told of how he cries at night before he falls asleep. Again the uncle shows desperation in his life before he falls asleep by continuously shouting in increasing tempo or rhythm, "I'm a piece of shit ..." Then the play goes further as it narrates the ordeal of someone who is suffering from cancer which is considered a terminal illness. Likewise, we are taken through the pain of marriage breakup and loneliness which engulf people as they grow old. In addition, the pain of growing old is expressed by the quote "When you get old all your friends will die! And you will be a burden to the World!" whereby the old woman narrates her life experience as she ages by losing memory, concentration and loved ones. However, the actors through their acts bring a soothing effect in the mind of the viewers as they speak on the traumatic event of death and the need to accept it in the viewer's life.

Message Delivery and Purpose of Songs

Through performance and text, the play discusses the dreaded issue of death by use of stories which are narrated in form of songs and role play within the play. Therefore the message delivery captures the mind of the viewer as the scenes unfold and they are left being sympathetic to the actors. Also through this performance and texts, it removes the sentimental or emotional aspects associated with the issue of divorce, childhood molesting in school, terminal illness and depression as they are transferred to other people through imagination and not to the viewers. Hence the viewers see themselves as not being victims of those painful life experiences only for them to come back to their senses when it is said we will all die. Even more, songs help to discuss painful experience with these as they bring consolation during such moments. Also, the songs bring comfort in the narration of how these experiences affected the actors in the play making it easier to discuss loneliness, unhappiness, and fear of unexpected events. However, as the play says there is a need for individuals to prepare for death in their life and not take it as a preserve for certain people.

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