Persuasive Essay on Business Analysis Paper Example

Paper Type:  Questions & Answers
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  633 Words
Date:  2022-07-19

1. In your own words, identify the argument of your peer's persuasive essay. What is he or she aiming to prove?

A quick glance at my peer's persuasive reveals that they aim to prove that individuals who wish to be entrepreneurs have a better chance of succeeding in their future business ventures if they have obtained a business degree.

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2. Has your peer adequately addressed opposing viewpoints?

The persuasive essay of my peer lacks opposing viewpoints because they do not offer arguments that discard the notion that people need a business degree to have a higher chance of business success. It leaves their argument with no views that would help in making comparisons.

3. Which of the summaries (or which sections of the summaries) could use more clarification? How could your peer's summaries be improved? Please paste an example and, if appropriate, offer your own edits.

As I stated above receiving feedback from an outside party is my number way for revisions. Its helps to have a fresh set of eyes or ears, listening in detail for errors. The feedback can be integrated in my writing by using ideas and wording that others know. I could also refer to thesaurus but when someone else tells you a word your understand its meaning and can use it better context. This will not only help myself in succeeding in obtaining my college degree in business but will also help any reader who decided that maybe this essay would help them too.

As I stated above, receiving feedback from an outside party is my number one way of revising. It helps to have a fresh pair of eyes or ears checking or listening in detail for errors.

4. Has your peer provided adequate credentialing information? If so, how can you tell the source is credible? If not, what could your peer add to establish the reliability of the source?

My peer has used newspapers, the social media, and internet in general as some of their sources; not to mention that they have used the Census and to get their additional information. All these sources, apart from the social media and general unverified internet sources, are credible and reliable due to their authenticity and public trust.

5. Do the sources your peer describes in the annotated bibliography connect to his/her argument in a clear and easy-to-understand manner? If so, how so? If not, what are some ways in which your peer could strengthen those connections?

The use of daily newspapers and as sources in the annotated bibliography fail to connect to the persuasive essay's argument in a clear and easy to understand manner. My peer could use specific information from traceable pages or website links that would integrate seamlessly with their argument.

6. Does your peer acknowledge a counterargument in one of the annotations? If a counterargument is presented, does he/she provide a persuasive rebuttal? If no counterargument is presented, can you anticipate some of the objections your peer should take into consideration?

The persuasive essay fails to acknowledge counterargument with a persuasive rebuttal. They could have established objections like business acumen, family wealth, or even lottery winnings as some of the stand out factors that disagree with their argument.

7. Evaluate the sources your peer has selected. Which sources do you find to be the strongest? Why do you think they are strong, and how do they support your peer's key points? Are there ways the sources could support those key points that your peer has overlooked? Be specific.

A careful evaluation of the sources that my peer's persuasive essay show that the Census is the strongest source of factual information. The site is credible and has been cited by countless other researchers. Their reliability, relevance, and accuracy makes this sources ideal for supporting my peer's argument.

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