Creating Classroom Norms: What to Consider - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-27


Classroom norms are the rules of a class or the behavioral anticipations of the students. These norms enlighten the students on how they are supposed to handle the materials they use in class or how they behave towards one another. Classroom norms assist the scholars in understanding the community expectations of the classroom, and they offer justification for students to follow and adjust their deeds.

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What you need to consider when creating policies for classroom norms is that understand you are in charge of them. When a student breaks the rule, make sure you know the cause of the problem before you give out your judgment. When you make policies to be followed, you should know that consequences should be applied to those who break the rules (Lewison, Leland, & Harste, 2014). This means that you should be careful when making those policies because you act as the controlling agent of the classroom.

To ensure there is equity in the classroom policies, you should involve every student in making the policing. Even though they will be required, this does not mean that the rules have to favor them, the rules are intended to restrict them from doing what is wrong and to show them what is expected of them to do. Make sure that you understand the needs of every student in the class before implementing the rules (Shulman, & Mesa-Bains, 2018). For example, teachers cannot rely on only one rule, such as never be late for the classroom; this is because an emergency might occur and causing the student to be late for class. In such cases, the teacher should say, never be late for class, unless you have a concrete reason to explain your lateness.

Classroom norms I consider to be most important are being respectful, polite, kind, obeying all the school rules, and always work hard. This is because, even if a student is not very bright in class, he/she might be successful in life if they try their best. Also, when there is respect among the teachers and other students, the classroom will be peaceful, and a good learning environment will be created (Emmer, & Evertson, 2016).

My classroom rules and procedures are being yourself, be on time after breaks, if you have a question, raise your hand before you speak, working in groups and also, independently, always be prepared with your classroom materials, and going to the washrooms. These procedures and rules enhance a positive learning environment because they restrict the students on the dos and don'ts. For example, when a student wants to speak, and he or she raises his hand, the teacher will know that the students have a question, and hence he will permit the student to proceed and ask his question. Also, this shows that the student has respect for the teachers because no interruptions will be made hen the teacher is talking.


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