Article Review on Exploitative Institutions: Misaligned with Students' Efforts

Paper Type:  Article review
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  591 Words
Date:  2023-11-02

The article's central theme is how people study hard and end up being in the wrong place of work. The article is also focused on how getting employed notwithstanding academic qualifications has become a difficult task (Carlson, 2018). Therefore institutions are taking advantage of the assumption by people and looking for chances to help them qualify without considering the experience. Much as students are exposed to learning, practice is different than what is learned from the class. Institutions barely offer students a chance to be exposed to the job markets, for example, through internships.

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The strengths of the article's arguments are that they help expose the students to that which they did not know about college and university education. Further, it advises students on how they can cope with the challenges and that it is not always about their academic qualifications. The weaknesses are that there are many concepts explained under each sub-topic such that it is not easy to understand what is being said. With each idea discussed separately, it would be easy to understand.

The introduction is more about the author than the topic; therefore, it is not precise about the subject. One would wonder whether they are reading the article about "what degree really means" because nothing is mentioned in the introduction.

The author provides and reflects through various examples from colleague's stories. This is the right approach because it is more convincing than just formulating a story about the topic and writing it on the article. I think that this approach towards an explanation of the issue is quite good and very convincing. People will understand what is offered in institutions and what the employers are looking for during employment interviews. It has been explained that most employers do not look for academic qualifications instead, they look for students' experience.

The author gives evidence through the stories of people's experiences in the employment sector and describes the challenges. Some have been looked down upon by their colleagues because they think they are not qualified for the workplace (Carlson, 2018). It is so hard to work in such an environment, especially knowing that one has been in an institution and understands very well what is required.

The conclusion is bright with a real-life example. It also provides directions for those seeking to finish college and get employed. There is hope for those pursuing degrees since employers prefer people with degrees. It also gives an idea of what the future will be like with the college-to-career environment.

My experience earning a BGS degree at TWU aligns with the author's conclusion is to focus more on the application of what is learned rather than only acquiring good grades. Much as people intend to obtain good grades, they should also focus on the work. It should not only be a matter of schooling and looking for jobs; there is more to that.

Maximizing my knowledge in marketing to complete a degree is essential. The reason is that the article has provided sufficient examples that have proved that there is more to acquiring a job than only excellent grades. Therefore, as explained in the article, students in universities should focus on learning skills and achieving the best grades. The job market is not entirely clear. However, it is good to be on the safe side and have skills combined with good grades to enable the student to cope with the college to the job work environment.


Carlson, S (2018). What the Degree Really Means. Available at

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