Consumer Satisfaction Report Paper Example

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Date:  2022-12-12

The basis of expansion and management excellence is rooted in consumer satisfaction, and that is why I'm enthusiastic about giving my perspective on how to get better results by applying some minor changes in strategy. This outline report is meant to create ease of service delivery in the chain store franchise and also maximize client satisfaction. Client satisfaction is the reason why businesses thrive and expand to greater heights (Tolosana, 2017). I looked into my franchise business and all the limitations that caused customers to be dissatisfied with our service. The main points will be looking into in this report are queue management, quality service delivery and timely response to customers complaints with pointers on how to manage client expectations and deliverables.

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In business management, a good manager knows that customers don't like waiting and like to get service that is worth the money and time they invest.

This brings me to the first point of discussion queues and how best to deal with issues arising from the same. About my particular franchise, I have had challenges in containing customers to the queuing method of service. Feedback from clients shows that they believe that the queues are too long with complaints on the same at 27%, confusing queues were at 19%, and that of many lines was at 9%. During busy times 2 out of 20 clients leave due too long queues.

Service delivery is essential to ensure that customers get exactly. Poor service delivery is detrimental to any business and hence the need to upgrade on systems that improve service to customers (Redding, 2014). Low-quality service delivery was at 7% and slow response to clients' orders has led to the loss of business and a decline in the consumer receptiveness to accommodate the products from the market.

Customers require are in ever in search of utility satisfaction when seeking out to purchase products, however satisfaction as a goal is only lucrative if time is not wasted. In our industry the client base is not only keen on service but is also keen on time of service delivery. Complaints on time ranked at 11% interlinked with clients' complaint that other people on the queue were served before them and they had arrived earlier; 9% for lack of order accuracy that meant customers had to wait longer periods. It is critical to come up with ways that not only surpass customers' expectations but that do so in a timely fashion.

It is with this pressing urgency to improve business practices that I present this report to seek support in enlarging our business. For this to occur a new system that is not queue oriented will be necessary to optimize customer satisfaction which is the paramount requirement that needs to be met.


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