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Guy Savoy Paris restaurant, named after its founding owner, is a world-class restaurant located in Paris, France with a subsidiary branch located in Las Vegas in the United States of America. The restaurant is famed for its Michelin Stars ratings and according to Forbes 2020, ranked as the best restaurant the world over. Even so, it is pleasantly surprising that this is just but the tip of the iceberg. Guy Savoy’s Parisian classical architecture, exquisite classical French dishes, artichoke soup with black truffle specifically mentioned, Monnaie de Paris location offering a view into the Louvre, Institut de France, the Seine, and the Pont Neuf, exhilarating atmosphere, excellent service, and an impeccable management control system is perhaps what makes Guy Savoy Paris tower above the rest as a top-notch restaurant. The restaurant’s brand is further magnified by its existing wonderful consumer-product relationship. It is routine to hear its customers talk of a fine and heavenly dining experience, culinary experiences to be truly savored, and the best meals they ever had in their lifetimes. It is, however, important to note that despite its wide acclaim when it comes to classical dishes, Guy Savoy Paris’ move to new digs has proven disastrous.

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The Monnaie de Paris location of Guy Savoy Paris is considered by many a great location. This may be attributed to the fact that the restaurant sits on top of a grand, red-carpeted staircase lined with medallions and laurel wreaths on the site where the oldest factory in France, The French Mint, and the oldest institution in France, Institut de France, is situated (Times, 2015). The new kitchens are grand in size, as compared to the initial kitchen, a typical corridor of a basement. The dining rooms offer a perfect view of the Seine with the Louvre located on the side yonder of the river. These buildings mentioned besides the Guy Savoy Paris are of great historical significance to the French and provide important tourist attractions. They undoubtedly add to the glamour of Guy Savoy Paris.


The meeting aspect of the FAMM model comprises how customers are treated and how they relate with other customers. The Guy Savoy Paris excels highly in terms of this aspect. The owner and founder of the restaurant, Chef Guy Savoy himself, is known to be friendly and welcoming. He is always able to find the time and share a light moment with customers first thing when they frequent the restaurant. Waiters are also known to be professional, and helpful, and offer impeccable service. Time and again, however, there have been complaints of poor service, arrogant and disrespectful waiters and waitresses, and insensitive chefs.


Guy Savoy Paris specializes in offering exquisite classical French and European cuisines. There are also special diets that include Gluten Free Options, Vegan Options, and Vegetarian Friendly. The meals are well thought, well seasoned, and beautifully prepared (Hayler, 2018). As Gay Savoy puts it, “Cuisine is the art of instantly transforming produce rich with history into joy (Tripadvisor, 2020).” The main masterpiece by Guy Savoy remains to be Artichoke Soup with black truffle. Many customers have not only described it as a divine course of perfection but also as a course full of wonderful discoveries, with a style that mixes classical and modern techniques to produce wow moments in between (Paris, 2020). The wine pairings suggested by the sommeliers are often always excellent. Tea and dessert options are a variety and well worth every penny spent. There have been occasional cases, nevertheless, where customers found nothing out of the ordinary in the courses offered, the course was a little bit cold when served, and new courses attempted were found to be disastrous.


Most customers of Guy Savoy Paris find its atmosphere as generally exhilarating. The dining rooms are set across six 18th-century salons offering views into the Louvre, the Pont Neuf, the Seine, and Institut De France, a setting envisaged by architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte as restrained and contemporary, where works of art stoke the fires of modernity and the dining table becomes a veritable theatrical stage, focusing and capturing light (Financial Times, 2018). Truly exhilarating. To some, however, this atmosphere created by Guy Savoy Paris is still a disappointment and needs to be upgraded.

Management Control System

It also goes without saying of the impeccable nature of Guy Savoy Paris’ Management Control System. The staff is known to be kind, helpful, and extremely professional. The food is handled with the utmost care and prepared to perfection. Wine pairings, tea, and dessert options are well thought out and are often perfect. The only concerning issue that is always bound to come up, nonetheless, is that some customers consider Guy Savoy Paris a little bit too pricey even for its standards. Complaints of junior and inept staff, and poor service also often come up once in a while.

Consumer-Product relationship

Guy Savoy has a wide target audience given the nature of customers dining at the place time and again. These include either married or dating people, food enthusiasts, tourists, family people, the old rich, and working-class folk. In light of the available data, observations concerning the experiences of these groups of people have been made and it is possible to determine whether Guy Savoy has been able to meet its target audience. To begin with, it is no doubt that honeymoon celebrations, wedding anniversaries, and dates are commonplace at Guy Savoy Paris. The fact that most of these couples state that Guy Savoy Paris offers them a once-in-a-lifetime experience during such celebrations points to the fact that the restaurant can meet their expectations and as such, successfully meet their needs. Tourists are also known to make reservations at Guy Savoy Paris when visiting and to eventually leave the restaurant with memorable dining experiences that only serve to strengthen their resolve to pass by the Guy Savoy when another of such wonderful opportunities beckons. The easiest to tell, given their profound knowledge of the intricacies of meals offered to them at Guy Savoy Paris and their great taste, food enthusiasts frequent Guy Savoy Paris the most. They are also known to offer positive reviews of the restaurant proving the restaurant’s success in meeting their needs. Once in a while, the Guy Savoy restaurant is known to host family people holding events that include birthday celebrations. While these events are considered pricey, they are also often said to be worth the pay. It also comes as no surprise that the old rich and working-class folk are known to frequent the Guy Savoy and splash money just for memories that will undoubtedly leave indelible marks in their hearts for a long time to come. It is, however, important to note that family people remain a relatively new and unexplored target audience with enormous potential economic benefit to the Guy Savoy Paris.

Summary of the Evaluation

Based on the above-mentioned, it is reasonable to infer that Guy Savoy Paris successfully meets all the five key aspects of the FAMM model. The Monnaie de Paris location of the restaurant overlooking the Seine, the Louvre, the Pont Neuf, the French Mint, and the Institut de France is considered by many a great location (Actualys, 2020). The Guy Savoy Paris excels in terms of the meeting aspect of the FAMM model is no doubt. The owner and founder are friendly, and so are the waiters and waitresses famed for their great professionalism and impeccable service. The classical French and European cuisines offered are exquisite. To say that the atmosphere of the Guy Savoy Paris is perfect is an understatement, it is much more than that, and it is magical and extremely exhilarating. The management control system of Guy Savoy Paris also comes across as nothing short of being excellent. These key aspects of the FAMM model work in perfect unison to make the Guy Savoy Paris the best restaurant in the world.


The Guy Savoy Paris restaurant is considered by many the best restaurant in the world, despite this, it remains to be a restaurant in much need of improvement. The new courses, away from the much-acclaimed classical French and European cuisines, have proved disastrous. More work need to be done to turn this time around. This may necessitate the restaurant to either look for and hire chefs specialized in modern dishes or to offer its chefs the appropriate training when it comes to the preparation of such kinds of dishes, whichever works best. Complaints of junior and inept service need to be addressed. Not only these but also complaints of arrogant and disrespectful waiters, insensitive chefs, and extremely rude telephone operators. This may require the training of the service personnel at Guy Savoy Paris in areas such as Social Psychology, Theory of Emotions, Forms of Social Interaction, and Rules of Etiquette. Such pieces of training should be done periodically to ensure the service personnel remains informed and able to offer impeccable service. The restaurant should also tap into the relatively unexplored markets. These markets, among others, may specifically include the restaurant's target audience comprising of family people. Providing courses not considered that pricey, while still maintaining world-class standards, may come in handy. Cases of courses being served a little bit cold, instead of hot as required should be nonexistent. Preparation of courses should therefore be well-timed to the minute. The fact that the atmosphere of Guy Savoy Paris is still considered a disappointment by some customers should draw the attention of the restaurant management. The best way of solving such a case may be through interviews and questionnaires administered to customers requiring the response of customers on how best to improve Guy Savoy Paris, especially on its key aspects of the FAMM model. There have also been claims by customers that they found nothing out of the ordinary out of the meal experience at Guy Savoy Paris. The restaurant should tap into this kind of customer. As in an earlier case, the best way may be through interviews, questionnaires, and even direct observation. The restaurant should, however, carefully evaluate the opinion of customers and only make changes that are consistent with their signature style. The restaurant should also be cognizant of the fact that not all people mean them well and that some people may be out there with the sole purpose of destroying their brand in evaluating others’ opinions.


In conclusion, this report discusses the restaurant Guy Savoy Paris based on the FAMM model. A brief introduction is given including a brief background of the restaurant and a primary assessment of the consumer-product relationship. The brief background of the restaurant includes information such as the location of the restaurant, the owner and founder of the restaurant, the restaurant subsidiary branches, and rankings in the world based on the FORBES 2020 report. An evaluation of the restaurant’s food and beverage experiences follows using the information provided by online reviews and based on the key aspects of the FAMM model. The consumer-product relationship is then discussed in detail, identifying the kind of consumers the restaurant is targeting and whether the meal experiences are successful with this. After a concise summary of the evaluation and experiences has been provided, the essay then gives various recommendations for future practice for the restaurant.

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