Competency and Career Paper Example

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Date:  2022-09-05

What does this competency mean to you for your career?

The world has witnessed the tremendous evolution of technologies in the corporate world. Consequently, the entire business model has automated. This automation has resulted in profound redesigning of jobs and the workers in these entities. Taking the instance of the terms knowledge worker that is constantly appearing in describing the contemporary business employee. This is due to the fact that information technology is integrally placed in all working models. Having a competence in information technology gives me the opportunity to become a forerunner in the employment environment and gives me the competitive advantage over most others. I believe this will enable me to advance hastily and with agility in my career because I will have the necessary skills to integrate into the working environment of my choosing. I will be well endowed to enhance my skills in newer fields thus giving me the capacity to act as a competent employee.

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Why does it matter? (Who cares about this competency anyway?)

Having acquired the Information technology competence, one objective of learning was to understand that there are three subject matter areas of competence, which are data (information), information technology, and the business fit. The data component represents the domain, and this ascribes to parameters of administrative authority. There is the information technology component that ascribes to the user interface or the functional component of the technology. Lastly, there is the business fit that relates to the areas of use of the IT activities. These components are all of equal importance in the management of IT and if the technology is to work as intended. These are the core components of information technology regardless of the industry of environment the technology is being applied.

How can you develop this competency while in college, your internship, or during your professional career?

Going to college gives me an opportunity to encounter new things to experience and with which to experiment. I plan on advancing my Information Technology skills, firstly, by advancing minoring in IT in alongside my major studies when I enroll for my undergraduate. This will help me to kick-start my professional career with additional information in IT. I also hope to take up short courses in IT such as SISCO so that I can learn the functionalities of the different elements of IT. Technology is advancing every passing day, and I hope to advance with it as time goes on and, therefore, I will ensure to take up additional courses in IT during my internship and later in my professional career.

How can you demonstrate this competency to others such as your professors, employers, and colleagues in your career field?

One way of showing the degree of my competence is by producing good grades for my professors to grade the level of my understanding of the concepts I have learnt. To my employers, I will demonstrate my competence firstly during my recruitment in order to show the level of my competence and, secondly, when administering my duties and responsibilities by ensuring that I work efficiently using the most appropriate technical skills to accomplish the tasks. I also know that having scored favorably during my course in information technology will give me leverage to demonstrate the level of competence I hold in the IT field.

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