Influence of Technology on Public Speaking Skills and Listeners Essay

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Date:  2022-06-22


Digital revolution has contributed to the development of numerous kinds of virtual communication. Among its impacts, digital technology has influenced connecting human beings in the realm of public speaking. The situation occurs because of a renaissance. Public speaking is unique form of communication because it necessitates the speaker's embodiment on discourse and the physical availability of participants. Therefore, it is noble to acknowledge and highlight the interface between the public speaking practice and technology. This paper underlines my experience on the connection between technology and public speaking skills.

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The Influence of Technology on my Public Speaking Skills

I believe technology has improved my public speaking skills. I was inspired to perfect my skills in public speaking by listening to podcasts. I also watched speeches of people I admired YouTube. My practice sessions on public speaking entailed listening and watching most of my favorite speeches. The speech affected enhancing my diction, pronunciation, and enunciation. Consequently, it enhanced my capability of choosing the right words and phrases depending on my audience. Listening to podcasts and consulting Google Translate played a vital role in improving my ability to make pronunciations. On the other hand, YouTube videos helped me in making lip movements to ensure correct stressing in the way vowels come out of my mouth. Sometimes, I also recorded speeches in my phone recorder and watched myself communicate the intended message in front of a bathroom mirror. I also improved the flow in the articulation of words through the mirror enunciation practice. Notably, all my perfection in public speaking has been sharpened by technology. Podcasts, YouTube and Google Translate, are all aspects of technology. The computer and the phone are also inventions of the digital age (Graveline, 2013).

The Implication of Technology on Listeners

Technology has not made it more difficult to be a listener. The situation can be realized in three different ways. First, the microphone and public address system have made it possible for people to listen and understand whatever a speaker is trying to pass across irrespective of the size of the multitude. The invention of microphones served as solutions to the shouting aspect which affected the flow, pronunciation, and articulation of words (Graveline, 2013). Consequently, listeners are capable of capturing the speaker's message without straining. Second, the resources availed by technology have helped in upgrading the standard of speakers. They have enhanced the level of competence among public speakers. As a result, speakers are always composed, fluent, interactive, and thoughtful. They are also choosy in their diction and flow to deliver to their level best. Notably, listeners do not have to strain to listen to people who have perfected their public speaking skills (Baldoni, 2014). Third, video conferencing has made it possible for participants to listen and participate in a public speaking session without necessarily being physically present.

Effective Communication Technology in My Life

There was a time I was invited to speak to a committee in my community that was trying to enlighten people on projects that can ascertain development. I was supposed to lecture them on a few tips in areas where they were facing some difficulties. Three days to the main event, the panel resolved to make it a public event so that all community members can benefit from whatever I was going to share. The event was scheduled to take place in a large hall within the county premises. The panel projected an attendance level of 50 people based on the fact that it was a weekday. Consequently, most people were at work. We were all shocked to find an attendance of 500 people. My public speech presentation became a success with the help of a microphone and speakers. The public address system ascertained efficiency in the delivery of the speech (Sohn, 2004).

The Advice on Overcoming Communication Obstacles

Individuals struggling to overcome communication obstacles resulting from technology should read widely for technological solutions (Sohn, 2004). There are developed platforms such as Google Translate meant to bridge the language barrier and other software to help in averting communication challenges. The individual can also watch YouTube videos on solutions to the specific technological-oriented communication obstacles he or she is finding it difficult to overcome.


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