Combating COVID-19: A Capstone Project for Saving Lives - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-06-07


Capstone projects allow researchers to participate in informative debates that are crucial for their faculties. In this case, researching on combating COVID-19 will not only expand my knowledge and experience but will also help me participate in saving lives. By doing so, I will be operating according to my professional codes of conduct and also acting morally right. It is our obligation as humans to save lives, I feel that my project is more of a lifesaving practice. My project on combating COVID-19 will sharpen my reasoning and research skills. It is a new epidemic that requires global attention. I am excited to discover new things and contribute to the research. I am ready to open my curiosity doors and get more insight into COVID 19. In the process of analyzing information and data, I will improve my professional research and analytical skills.

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Capstone projects inculcate discipline and teamwork. In the process of undertaking my research, I will meet people from different faculties. I am eager to learn from them as they also learn from me. Interaction and teamwork improve on the individual interpersonal skills that are crucial in maintaining healthy working relationships. Capstone projects instill discipline because researchers have to play their parts in enhancing the success of the projects. The project benefits not only the researchers but also the broad communities. Tackling the issue of COVID -19 is everyone's responsibility because it affects all of us. Being part of the project means a lot to me because I understand that I will be doing it for the good of the community. The people in society need the scientific team to intervene and do something to stop the virus spreading.

One of the biggest challenges when undertaking the Capstone research project on COVID -19 is the scarcity of research materials. The issue is new, and there are less reliable materials to support successful research. It is also challenging to find a physical space to do the research. Teamwork is almost impossible with the current quarantine measures to avoid the spread of the virus. It is challenging to come up with feasible solutions to combat COVID-19 with the current pressure. Some medical centers do not allow people to participate in their operations easily, especially If the individuals are not well qualified. Considering the severity of COVID-19, I face the challenge of convincing them to allow me to participate in the research and be part of their team.

If there is a group or some individuals who do not agree with my project, I will make them see the positivity of what I am bringing on board. The COVID-19 pandemic is a global challenge and requires everyone's attention. Everyone must support the efforts to curb the spread of the virus. I would win the support of the groups by assuring them that the initiative will serve all the people. I would also involve groups by asking for their opinions about my project; in that way, I will carry them along in the process. I will also acknowledge the groups in my project; in that way, they will feel like part of the project, and it would be hard for them to oppose it. I will give the groups what they need, and in return am sure I will win their support to see the project through.

Medical centers can enhance the success of the project by allowing me to undertake the project. The centers can also equip me with the necessary research materials and equipment to conduct the research. I would also require some financial and material support from medical support groups to see my project go through. I need moral support from my project team so that we can work together to devise the solutions. In the course of my project, I will do regular monitoring to ensure that I am on the right track. Frequent monitoring will allow me to realize when I am diverging from the plan or not moving at the right pace. I will be keen enough to ensure that I stick to the project plan, but in case unavoidable mistakes occur, I will have backup plans to keep the project going on. The least I can do is to stall the whole project because of a few mistakes that I can manage. I am looking forward to starting the project; I am eager to participate in combating COVID-19 and save lives.

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