Social Work Scholarship Application Letter

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Date:  2022-02-17


My desire to study is grounded in the fact that I grab every opportunity that presents itself. Growing up in hardships and low-income areas was difficult and it is my aspiration that my siblings would not face life desperate and perturbed as I did. My passion to serve others emanated from the backdrop of these experiences and the enthusiasm to bring change and shape the lives of others form the primary reason for tendering my application for Social Work Scholarship. With my well-outlined need for financial assistance, professional interests, future social aspirations, previous social work accomplishments, and honors, I believe that my application will be considered worthwhile.

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Financial Need

I am applying for this scholarship in order to further my studies as I am unable to wholly meet my financial needs and obligations. I am a full-time student enrolled for 21 hours at Prairie View A&M University but the resources I have are inadequate and cannot my educational needs. Because of their low levels of income, my family struggles to meet their basic needs and thus they are unable to support me financially. Moreover, I have a son whom I must fully care for and support. I would wish to concentrate on my studies but the strain and financial burden involved seems to deprive me of the delight. Granting me this scholarship will significantly support my studies because it will give me an opportunity to provide for my son and fully concentrate on my studies. It will also enable to significantly engage in community services and fully exploit my potentials without worrying about my financial responsibilities and needs.

Professional Interest

I came to Prairie View A&M University a naive and troubled person owing to my background. My personal challenges coupled with family problems placed me in a rather social quagmire. I am glad that I found mentors who never gave up on me. They believed in me against all odds and helped me academically, taught me etiquette, and helped me overcome my personal problems. I am now a student leader amongst social workers and that is the main reason I want to go and make a difference in the lives of other children who need assistance. Granting me this scholarship with providing me with a greater opportunity to assist children to break the stigma and cycle that they may be grappling with in different regions across the country. Coupled with my quest of becoming a role model, according to me this scholarship with enabling me to give back to society as a social worker and stem into advocacy.

Future Social Work Aspirations

My future plans are to change the course of low-income areas through empowerment, to help mobilize more resources, implement proper policies that can help improve healthcare, mental care, and businesses for these communities. Intuitively, these visions will be achievable when I get the chance to join the graduate school and acquire a twofold degree with A Master's in Social Work and Public Administration, qualifications that will enable me to work as a director of a social and corporate responsibility and guarantee me the influence needed to inspire the masses for the better future.

Previous Social Work Achievements

I believe I deserve this scholarship because I am resilient, zealous and determined. Moreover, I have served intensely in various positions before. For instance, I took part in the field of social work. I have also served as a secretary and vice president of the Social Work Action Club. At Hempstead middle school, I voluntarily worked with juveniles who were at risk. Because of my poor upbringing in the low-income area of East Austin, I clearly understand what it entails to be raised in such an environment and the risks involved. Therefore, my background enabled me to mentor young people from low-income areas where poverty is well pronounced. My environment taught me to be resilient, and not to allow tribulations to define or deter me from accomplishing my goals. Virtually everything I encountered through time has made me understand that nothing just happens. Everything happens for a reason and they are to make us not break us. Therefore, these experiences will enable me to endure hardships and work hard towards achieving the set goals.

Honors and Achievements

In the course of my studies and travails, I have managed to serve alongside others as a leader in various positions some which I still occupy to date. These include:

  • Pvamu academic dean's list: Student Government Association (SGA)- Senator of Alumni Affairs-2017-Current
  • Student Government Association (SGA) - Senator of Student Employment-2015-2016 Pre-Alumni Association- Vice President 2017-Current
  • Pre-Alumni Association - Membership Director 2017-Current
  • Social Work Action Club (S.W.A.C.) Secretary 2018-2019
  • Social Work Action Club (S.W.A.C.) Vice President
  • Panthers United- Secretary 2017 -Current
  • Panther Advisor Leader (PALS)- 2017-2018
Besides serving in these positions, I started a non-profit organization called Striving to Empower Potential Success (S.T.E.P.S) that seeks to support people to develop a reciprocal but a mutually beneficial relationship. Those involved in receiving support from the program offer assistance to others as well. The leadership and managerial skills I have honed over time will enable me to become a good social worker with strong leadership and managerial skills.


In conclusion, with all these views in mind, I humbly request you to consider me for this award. Indeed, the opportunity will not only be a scholarship to me but a lifetime grant that will go a long way to assist others in the long run.

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