Essay Example on Learning From My Reading: How Reading Became My Passion

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Date:  2023-02-12

I believe in drawing inspiration from writers who discuss topics I have interest in. Since I am confident that I can understand the intention of a writer for writing a piece of article, a novel, or a short story, I have read a lot of literature by other people and became a better writer.

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In my house, I set a reading room with a small shelf filled with the books I have read over the years. I started reading as a way of spending my free time, and then it became my passion, especially after I realized I could draw inspiration from what other people write. At first, I found gothic stories very interesting; however, I later developed more interest in social and political issues than in gothic, religious and science fiction stories.

In school, I spent most of my time reading storybooks and stocking my shelf with a lot of short storybooks and novels, even though my school mentor and some teachers advised me strongly against it.I believed following my passion was better than venturing into the fields I had little or no interest in. For instance, my mentor always advised me to read articles, books and research articles on nursing, and medicine. I tried this for a while, but realized I was following the passion of another person.

One of the reasons I loved social issues is because I developed an interest in coming up with unique solutions to some of the issues facing people in society today. For instance, teenagers face many challenges in dealing with social media vices. I realized that the best way to understand some of the opportunities and challenges facing teenagers as they use the social media can be best understood is one has a vast knowledge in the activities people partake in the social media.

I once read an article on cybercrime and realized that people who base their identities on falsehood invade the social media and target the unsuspecting teenagers. The major aim of such people is to get information and trade on it for their benefit. Again, I realized politics has become one of the most important topics teenagers, youths and adults have an interest in today. I realized a good writer needs to understand the political issues, social issues, and current events to become a valid writer in the world today.

Based on the inspiration I have gained from my interaction with the literary world, I have ventured into writing. Writing now take up most of my time as I have a lot of ideas I have gathered over a long time I have been reading other people's works. I have pondered deeply on the best way to approach writing and realized I need not to device a formula for venturing into writing. I realized the best way is to start writing and write as much as I can since I believe the inspiration I have drawn from my interaction with other writers is enough to make me a good writer, if not one of the best. I also believe I can make a significant impact on the social and political lives of teenagers and youths who interact with me through reading my books. Writing and sharing can be one of the best ways that people contribute to the growth of the society, as it is a platform in with one can informally pass knowledge.

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