Books and Article Review on Cyber Culture

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Date:  2021-04-22

Science, Technology, and Socialist-feminism in the late twentieth century

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Written by Donna Haraway, "Science, technology, and socialist-feminism in the late twentieth century" is a book that criticizes certain aspects of life. The primary subject of the book, however, is feminism. She blames the ancient society for underestimating the female. As a result, she claims that certain characters would separate people from animals (Haraway 295). Respecting and treating women with dignity according to her is one aspect that should highly be considered by the society to ensure that it is developed in the new century. Haraway identifies the significant shortcomings of the ancient society as she suggests that the current society should avoid such activities for it to prosper. Marxism, feminism, and psychoanalysis are the major issues she points out that are derailing the society and should be abolished through all means possible. Her book acts as advice to the current world on the useful actions to take to protect the society today from feminism and discrimination.

On the views presented by Haraway in her book, the discrimination the women were subjected to in the ancient society could have been the reason for its underdevelopment. Based on the reasons provided by the author, the women also have value for the society. It was right for her to suggest that the women should be honored. To bring sanity to the society, the women should be considered valuable because, in the current world, both the men and women nearly equal. It is an inhuman to undermine the efforts of the women within a society that needs to develop (Haraway 325). As suggested by the author, women are valuable to any society. Stopping feminism is one of the effective ways through which the society could be cleansed and made suitable for everyone. Societies that have abolished feminism are some of the most developed societies of the world.

Cyborg Masochism, Homo-Fascism

Based on this book, David Greven discusses the emergence and spread of homosexuality among other society problems within the society. According to him, these vices have derailed the society a great deal. He suggests that the gay associations that are forming because of allowing the activities should be reviewed critically to ensure that sanity is reviewed within the American society. Consequently, the law allows for homosexuality and it is the choice of every citizen to choose what he or she wants (Greven 12). In his book, he suggests that a solution is required as soon as possible. The various problems witnessed within the society are because of such practices as Greven states. After reading his piece of work, every reader would accept that indeed sanity needs to be restored in America for the sake of the youth and other citizens.

On the current American society, Greven is right in citing the various society problems among the youth especially homosexuality. To any reader, there would be the sense in what he is presenting in his work. The world is developing while such activities continue pulling it behind. Avoiding such activities, therefore, would present most societies with a chance to develop without experiencing many problems (Greven 18). The morality of any society is a major factor in the development of the societies and should be taken care of appropriately. It is not only the responsibility of the various leaders including political, religious and other leaders to restore community sanity but also the role of basically everyone in the society.

You are Cyborg

As for Hari Kunzru, his article was inspired after reading the actual Cyborg story as was written by Donna Haraway in addition to meeting her. According to Kunzru, Haraway as a person is very different from her story. Her personality shows her as a great character that is admirable and friendly. After monitoring her, Kunzru decided that she is a cyborg for writing a story that is exactly the reverse of what she is (Kunzru 5). The story might deceive the readers that Haraway is such a cruel person from the way she criticizes feminism. Nevertheless, "You are a Cyborg" portrays her as a cyborg for composing a story that does not represent her in any way. In his article, therefore, Hari has analyzed the various aspects of the book written earlier by Haraway as he tries to prove that she is the opposite of her views.

From his point of view, Hari is right to have called Harraway a cyborg. After reading her book, it would be easy for a person to have imagined that she is a cruel person that represents what she wrote in work. However, after meeting him in person, the situation is proven otherwise as she appears to be an exact reverse of her views (Kunzru 3). Just like any reader, Hari got excited after meeting her and decided to compile this article. The title of the article is impressive as Hari would also be considered as a cyborg. He finds out that Haraway is a real person who does not represent her views in her piece of work and decides to call her a cyborg instead. He will also be referred to as a cyborg if that's the matter.

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