Essay on Facility Mgmt: Coordinating Tech, Structure, & People for Optimal Outcomes

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Date:  2023-04-05


Facility management is an idea which comprises of the coordination and integration of a different range of supporting actions. It is the core concept that helps the company to achieve its objectives and goals efficiently, in time, and effectively. Generally, it is the idea that is involved with the technology, structure, and people working in a particular company. The individuals who are involved in facility management are liable to come from different backgrounds. For better management of the facility, there is a requirement of understanding the company's business precisely.

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The profession of facility management has recently been into existence. These firms have come to understand that keeping a well managed and highly efficient company is critical to success (Atkin & Brooks, 2015). Today's technology, health, and environmental consciousness issues also have had a vital effect on the usefulness and the requirement for facility management professionals in different companies. The company and the manager of the facility are required to maintain a particular philosophy concerning the facility. In any organization, the facility management should be seen as an essential business function; the facility manager is the business managers in any organization and is supposed to be put in the same class as the managers of information technology and human resources (Rondeau et al., 2012). In the facility management departments, there are limited ways of organizing it; it all depends on the mission which the organization is supporting. Various organizations support different missions hence the difference in the organizing of different facility management in different firms.

The facility manager leading in facility management is supposed to have excellent administration and negotiation skills. However, for every organization, facility management requires some elements while contracting the facility manager. Hence different companies require a facility manager to have different skills; however, there are some common skills like administration and negotiation skills.

Explain the role of the facilities manager.

The responsibility and the role of a facility manager are to ensure that buildings and the services provided in a company are up to the requirements of the individuals who work in the organization. Facilities managers are responsible for roles such as parking, security, and cleaning in the company (Atkin & Brooks, 2015). These are for ensuring that the company's surrounding compound is in the necessary condition, which is suitable;le for the individuals working in the company and others. The managers are also entitled to the management of the building to ensure the working environment is suitable for everyone, and these involve the maintenance of entities like air conditioning and heat in the building.

Compare functions in facility management described in the text to a healthcare setting.

The facility management of a hospital or health care is continuously required to maintain a healthy and clean environment. It is beneficial for medical facilities to make sure that the requested services are attended to efficiently and quickly (Rondeau et al., 2012). And the schedules of the preventive maintenance are arranged according to the required level to ensure operations are carried out without any interruptions.

Discuss organizational models and leadership skills in the management of a healthcare facility.

The industry of health care is a place where organizational models and leadership skills which are needed are supposed to be highly adhered to avoid any complications in the industry. The industry is supposed to ensure that they have some predictions/forecasts of the facility's budgeting and finances. It will help the health care industry to avoid future complications, which may involve money. The leasing of equips [ments and land of the health care center, or the real estate procurement, should be done in advance and per the policies which have been laid down in a particular region in the world. The industry should also be concerned about the organizational models involved with the procurement of equipment inside and outside of the services of the facility and furnishings (Atkin & Brooks, 2015). The leaders in the hospital or health care are supposed to be useful in; employee leadership, resourcefulness, composure, and change management. These will help in improving the standards of the services in the facilities.


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