Biology and Genetics Course Review

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Date:  2021-03-02

Experience is the best teacher; this tag has been used on many occasions. I did not think that it could apply to me. However, through the experiences that I have had, I have learnt many things concerning the unifying theme of energy flow. Additionally, I have had a lot experience in the biological concepts of inheritance and evolutionary change over time. All those have enabled me to be a better and complete person due to the intellectual growth that I have got from the experiences. As such, I believe that I am a more scientifically equipped person than I was years ago when I did not have the experience that I have today. It is, therefore, my assertion that I need a portfolio so that I can utilize that knowledge and become more useful in the biological world.

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In my internship in different sectors, I have been able to learn about ecology. Specifically, I was able to know the four categories in which the study of ecology is divided into. The interdependence that exists in human beings and animals was one of the lessons that I learned. Precisely, I learnt that no single creature could exist without the other. Further, as a lab technician, I was able to know the importance of a cell in cellular biology. Further, I learnt the several components of cell and why it is so important in the subsistence of life.

The specific information that gave me more education was the encounter that I had with genes. in this regard, Mendels law of segregation helped me understand how a gene separates when a gamete is released during fertilization. In this case, I have been able to understand why it is easy to determine the biological parents of a child with ease. Further, through the encounter with many genetic molecules, I have been able to understand how genetic diseases are treated. Specifically, through my experience as a laboratory scientist and through the various workstations that I have been as an intern, it is easier for me to detect inherited metabolic diseases and give the appropriate analysis. Concerning the diversity of life on earth, I have learnt that there exists a variety of DNAs that are different from each other, just as people are different from one another. This diversity of DNA has been instrumental in my understanding about the diversity of life.

I have been able-through my experience, to study and understand the importance of the study of the philosophy of science. In this regard, I am more equipped with scientific problem solving mechanisms that are not based on beliefs but scientifically proven concepts. Through the study of the changing scientific nature of knowledge, I have been able to understand that science is not static but rather progressive. In this case, I cannot trust in the same concept over time, however, I should always be in the laboratory trying to figure out how I can scientifically explain a certain phenomenon.

Through the laboratory and fieldwork, that I have been involved in, I am now able to clearly understand the origin and the interaction of the living organisms and their environment. Further, the evolution of the interrelationship in human life is now clearer to me. Now, my ability to observe, collect, and analyze particular data is more of an easy thing to do. More importantly, I can analyze the laboratory results and make inferences that can be acted upon by my fellow medical practitioners. The examination of the structure and the chemical composition of the cells have enabled me to understand the importance of the cells and how they function in the body of an organism. In this case, my ability to design an experiment and get out actionable results is the best lesson that I have learned from this experience as a laboratory scientist.

In conclusion, it is always good that a scientist has the experience that is required. This experience is very important as it serves as a lesson to the particular scientist. In my position as a laboratory scientist, I have had a lot of experience in the field as well as in the lab. This experience has had a positive impact on my personal growth as a laboratory scientist. Specifically, now I am able to design an experiment that will enable me to get an understanding of particular scientific concepts. Additionally, I can easily collect data and record the results. More importantly, I can analyze that data and give inferences that can be acted upon so as to solve a particular issue. My ability to read the results and understand them is the best thing that I have obtained from this course. As such, I can confidently say that I have grown in terms of experience and scientific knowhow. As such, I submit that I have the learning outcomes that this course was intended for. In this regard, I can only look forward to going in the next step.

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