Exploring the Rich Biodiversity of Amazon Rainforest - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-20


The Amazon Rainforest is rank among the largest tropical rainforest and is specifically situated in South America. The rainforest is widely known by the people because it is characterized by the presence of plants and animals. There are various species of plants and animals which are commonly found in the Amazon Rainforest. Plants that are usually present in the region comprises of; Acacia, mahogany cedar, rosewood, laurel, rubber, myrtle, and the palm. On the other hand, animals which are also present at the Amazon rainforest include; different kinds of birds, monkeys, jaguar, red deer, tapir, monkeys, rodents, and insects. The forest has also brought a lot of benefits to not only the plants but also to the animals. Plants and animals have contributed to environmental conservation by attracting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which is later used in the process of photosynthesis. Animal also benefits from plants since the plants provide them with pastures to feed on it hence, therefore, enabling them to survive. Carbon dioxide build, which may lead to global warming, has also been prevented by the forest through observing climatic changes hence conserving the environment. Amazon forest is also significant to the people because it helps to prevent unexpected climatic changes such as drought by acting as a water catchment. The existence of the ecosystem in an ecological habitat will, therefore, save the lives of plants and also animals.

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The paper will, therefore, discuss the issues which are related to environmental conservation, specifically in the Amazon Rainforest. Some of these which are have been depicted by the forest issues are; ethics in resource conservation and biodiversity, climate changes and biodiversity loss. Moreover, the paper will also highlight how the conservation of the Amazon Rainforest has saved our future lives.

Ethics in Resource Conservation and Biodiversity


Biodiversity is considered the existence of a large variety of plants and animals in a given geographical region. Amazon forest is a good example that has various species of plants and animals. Plants that are found in that region have played a major role in the conservation of the environment. The research has discovered that plants that are found at the Amazon forest assist in the creation of a favorable condition, therefore, supporting the lives of animals, human beings, and other small microorganisms such as insects.

Biodiversity also is the key element when it comes to environmental conservation, especially on the side of plants and human beings. Human being relies on animals for food, whereas plants depend on a human being for the production of carbon dioxide, which they can use to manufacture their own food (Whitworth et al., 2016).Also, plants serve as Medicinal to human beings. Medicines are obtained by human beings mainly from plants and insects, which are found in the Amazon rainforest hence increasing their lifespan. Biodiversity is also beneficial to the environment because it aids in the production of oxygen, which is useful to human beings since they breathe it. Also, biodiversity is also helping in controlling water run by acting as a water catchment during heavy rain. The establishment of water catchment will, therefore, promote environmental conservation since water will not cause any harm to the ecosystem (Powell, Cordeiro, & Stratford, 2015).


Ethics is a technique which is usually exercised by the scientist with the main aim of putting across some measures which are related to environmental conservation. The scientist has stood up and forefront in the issue concerning environmental conservation by using different measures and more so, which has a close relationship between human beings and plants. Decision making is one of the techniques which has been portrayed by the scientist in matters relating to environmental conservation. It is advisable that human beings should take part in various fields so as to create a better environment hence saving their lives. The environment also depends on ethics in order to prosper.

Ethics are useful to people because it teaches them what is good and bad when it comes to environmental conservation. The ethics of bds and goods help to educate people on the impacts of deforestation, the buildup of carbon dioxide, which may later combine to form a toxic layer in the sky hence preventing rainfall. Afforestation is one of the ethics that should be put into the forefront by the people as a way of taking care of their environment. By doing so, this will be helped them to save their future since the environment is the ecological habit of both plants and human beings. Policies should also be put across by the people in order to act as a watchdog to those who are destroying the forest. Also, ethics are important in the conservation of the environment because human beings will consider themselves as part of the environment; hence, they will tend to preserve it. The issue of meat consumption should also be reduced by the human being since it will lead to a decrease in the ecosystem hence impacting environmental conservation.

Climatic Changes

Climate changes are the process whereby there is a sudden change in the weather patterns during a certain period of time. There are several causes of climatic changes that have been witnessed in the Amazon rainforest. Deforestation and global warming are some of the causes of the climatic changes which are found in the region. Amazon rainforest has tried its best to solve the issue of climatic changes in various ways. Some strategies have been applied as a way of coping with the challenges relating to environmental changes. These strategies are aiming at ensuring that the species found in the region are trained in such a way that they are able to adapt well to their surrounding environment regardless of the environmental changes which usually occur during a certain period of time.

The scientist has also made a step forward and conducted thorough research on matters relating to future outcomes of the climate hence preventing the dangers which may be caused by sudden changes in the weather. They have also imposed some actions that enhance environmental preservation; for instance, control of energy flows from one place to another, especially in an ecosystem, thereby reducing its impacts on the environment. Also, temperatures have been minimized through measuring its level and finding some ways of rectifying it whenever it goes beyond the limit, thereby leading to the preservation of the environment and saving the lives of the people.

Moreover, climatic changes have been reduced through fighting against those who are destroying the forest in an event such as illegal cutting down of trees. Furthermore, the Amazon rainforest has handled the issue of climatic changes as a way of conserving the environment by adopting some of the techniques, for example, securing areas with a high amount of rainfall. The high amount of rainfall in the Amazon rainforest has been minimized through the planting of more trees to sustain the lives of both human beings and plants. People have stood up and led as an example by campaigning for the planting of more trees hence assisting in the conservation of the environment and also saving the lives of the people. Also, trees in the Amazon forest contribute to environmental pollution in a way that prevents the buildup of carbon dioxide hence reducing incidences of environmental changes such as global warming.

Agroforestry has also aided in reducing the environmental changes in the Amazon rainforest. The growing of trees and rearing of animals has helped in reducing environmental changes by encouraging mutual benefits between plants and animals. Plants are also useful, especially in reducing environmental changes through the prevention of soil erosion, which is caused by animals and human beings. Strategies such as restoration of the wetlands have helped in the act of gathering water and binding up the soil, therefore, enabling the plants to retrieve leading to their faster growth. Also, soil microorganisms have benefited human beings more so after the restoration of wetlands since they are able to acquire a fresh supply of air in which they can use to enhance the process of microbial activities.

Rehabilitation of some areas has been put into consideration to reduce storms, which are caused by the environmental changes in the region. Agencies such as Green Climate Fund should be observed by the people in order to use it during emergency cases whenever the are some changes in the climate. These have helped in the reduction of climatic changes, which may bring some impacts to the environment. People should also adhere to the reduction of wood production. Measures should be implemented specifically, which are against the people who are involved in the act of feeling down the trees. The alternative way of minimizing wood production is by using technologies such as recycling of fuels for future use. People are encouraged to used fuel cookers so as to promote environmental conservation since it will act as an alternative way for the people in the absence of wood hence saving their lives.

Biodiversity Loss

Biodiversity loss is the term used to explain the reduction of species within a given region. The reduction may end up interrupting the ecosystem by bringing some impacts upon it. The loss in biodiversity is mainly caused by some factors which are within the environment. Factors such as pollution and change in the ecological habitats are few causes of biodiversity. Strategies have been put across by the politicians in order to cope with the issues which are related to biodiversity. The land tenure system is one of the strategies which should be emphasized by the people in order to save their future through environmental conservation ( Korasaki et al.,2013). Reforms such as afforestation have been used in the Amazon rainforest to help in the preservation of the forest. Also, wildlife's measures have been adopted and applied in the Amazon rainforest. Policies that are related to wildlife conservation have been used in the region as a way of dealing with people who are causing destruction to the environment by killing wildlife's and thereafter, this will help in saving the lives of wild animals. Legal actions have also been taken upon those who are destroying forests through illegal actions such as putting on fire in the forest fire (Nolte, & Agrawal, 2013) Amazon rainforest has ensured the process of minimizing fire outbreak by taking proceedings such as the arrest of the suspected person who took part in the act of exposing the fire into the forest. As a result, the arrested person is supposed to pay a certain amount of money for violating forest conservation hence saving our lives.


In conclusion, people are encouraged to adopt measures that have been depicted by the Amazon rainforest in order to conserve their environment. Also, they should implement policies that are related to forest conservation, therefore, helping them to reduce environmental destructions such as careless cutting down trees for the purpose of obtaining wood. Reforms should also be applied by the people so as to prevent the climatic changes which may counteract with the conservation of their environment hence saving their lives.


Korasaki, V., Braga, R. F., Zanetti, R., Moreira, F. M., Vaz-de-Mello, F. Z., & Louzada, J. (2013). Conservation value of alternative land-use systems for dung beetles in Amazon: valuing traditional farming practices. Biodiversity and conservation, 22(6-7), 1485-1499.

Nolte, C., & Agrawal, A. (2013). Linking management effectiveness indicators to observed the effects of protected areas on...

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