Benefits of Membership in the Nurse Practitioner Alliance of Alabama

Date:  2021-03-30 07:08:38
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The Nurse Practitioner Alliance of Alabama is a visionary group with the major which is aimed at improving access to cost-effective, safe and high-quality health care services especially for all of citizens Alabama. They therefore pool together advanced practice nurses who are capable of offering services similar to those of a medical practitioner and act as a bridge between the nurses and the patients who require medical services, wherever they are whenever they need them. The alliance has been established since 2006 and has since gained 89,808 active members from over 659 health associations ("The Nurse Practitioner Alliance of Alabama | ENP Network", 2016).

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The alliance is aimed towards continually developing, improving, and refining the continually evolving platform of healthcare in a bid to initiate connections and opportunities that lead to positive outcomes for all its members and not to forget, for all its client. Generally, the above-stated aim is the major mission of the alliance. Their vision on the other hand is to listen to all their clients and members diligently and through the process, they aim to passionately empower the associations they are linked to. They envision a system of healthcare organizations that have achieved optimal growth and success.

To become a member of the Nurse Practitioner Alliance of Alabama, one needs a number of requirements especially as a student. To be specific, the joining student has to submit the most recent transcript of his/her studies from his/her school or college. The transcript is given after one completes filling the application form for membership of the alliance. In this case, the documentation of the nurse practitioner must be for that specific semester the student seeks to be a member of the alliance. The student should be enrolled for any advanced program for nurse practitioners from any discipline at hand. To crown it all up, one needs to produce a membership fee of $50.00 to be incorporated as a student member ("The Nurse Practitioner Alliance of Alabama | ENP Network", 2016).

The benefits of being a member of this alliance include getting a number of discounts such as discount on AANP membership ($10), Barkley certification review courses (15%) and annual meeting discounts; unlimited accesses to the organizations resources (in the website); legislative and practice alerts; awards and scholarships; and networking opportunities with peers and other professionals. In addition to all these benefits, half the membership fees can be taken for use as part of business expenses for tax preparation purposes ("The Nurse Practitioner Alliance of Alabama | ENP Network", 2016). Even better, the student member is privileged to receive notices of job openings nationally and within the state by simply incorporating a post of ones resume or curriculum vitae which is an additional benefit associated with networking.

The organization has major concerns of ensuring that health policies are the reduced adhering to health policies within healthcare associations. For this reason, the organization aims at establishing annual health policy conference such as the one meant to be held on 26th February, 2017 in conjunction with the AANP ("AANP 2017 National Conference", 2016). The one set for their other major concern is the reduced networking and exposure of nurses especially in a period when there is a shortage in nursing workforce. Consequently, the association seeks to conduct exposure and networking forums with other associations which are meant to expose the nurses to new opportunities. For instance, the association seeks and puts forth mingling sessions such as the CANPA CEU Saturday meant to be held on 4th February, 2017 ("CANPA CEU Saturday--Feb4th--Mark Your Calendar", 2016). Thirdly, the association, as already hinted out in the mission and vision of the organization is mainly concerned with the performance and delivery of quality health care services for its members associations. For this purpose, the association has set goals to empower the matter by providing products and resources to the associations through its websites and through other physical deliveries especially in conferences all with the sole purpose of addressing the concerns of quality delivery.

It is important to notice that as the health policy is a major concern of theirs, the association holds conferences for the addressing of legislative issues facing the health care sector. For this purpose, the organization puts up national conferences which engage the legislatures in the nursing sector and the health care sector in general such as the APN, AANP and other associations ("AANP 2017 National Conference", 2016). In this conferences, the nurses are sensitized of their legislative requirements so as to be quality and practicing professional nurses.

From the experience I have heard so far as a member of the alliance, I can attest to the fact that it has so far helped me access some resources that I needed for my studies such as the AAPN journals for nurses. Further, the membership has helped me get a better look and exposure to my profession. It has helped me develop a new focus for my profession especially knowing that I have a better exposure in the job market with the current job openings I have been learning of. Being a member of this alliance has really shaped my focus and opened my mind for aspiring for a stronger career.


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