Personal Essay Example: My Career of Choice

Date:  2021-09-02 23:12:59
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Assignment 1. Human Services Career

Human Services Career is an important one in addressing some of the pertinent issues associated with Social Services and Human Health Services. Socially, the Human Services Career leads to employment opportunities in areas such as Hotel and tourism while in terms of Human Health Services, one can deal with changing mental outlook through working directly with people who need a change their behavior. In my local area, I can get employment in Orlando, FL. The important link for a job in Orlando, FL, being:, one can use it to understand the nature of job opportunities such as Reservations Crew Trainee, Inflight Crew Trainee or as Customer Call Center Representative II (JetBlue Corporation, 2017). Another important link that one can use to get information about the vacancies and provide a link for job application is Since I am not qualified currently for a job at Orlando FL, some of the things I can do to become a qualified candidate for hire in the firm include furthering my education to gain the knowledge and the certificates to make me relevant for the job opportunities. I would also need to get well acquainted with the details of employment at Orlando FL, including seeking for attachment at the firm. Having a firm stand on what I want to achieve at Orlando FL is another important way of becoming psychologically prepared to be a resourceful employee of the firm once employed.

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Assignment 2. Where I Am Now

I am currently a student, furthering my education so that I can gain the necessary knowledge to become a good employee in my chosen career path. One of the reasons I need the college education, that I pursue currently is because I need to become a more resourceful and knowledgeable person. Acquiring the higher education is also important to help in understanding what I really need for my life. One of the most important reasons I would like to be employed is to be able to earn money and become independent from other people who support me currently. Another important thing about me is that I wish to have a balance between work and recreation and to work in a place where I will not face work dynamics, as that is likely to stress me out. I also love a secure job, as that can make me plan effectively for my future. An interesting job that is not secure is not what I want because looking for a job in the fields of interest is usually problematic and keeping up with an employment, which is not of interest is stressful. What has shaped my choice of career path include my abilities, interest, and aptitudes as they all have equal weight. My most important expectations of the job I get is that it fulfills, at least, most of my personal needs and other needs so that it can bear a lot of meaning in my life, in the lives of the people I seek to serve and the lives of people around me. Lastly, I would like to explore a lot in line with my chosen career path, so I expect to change jobs several times during my productive life.


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